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Had a lady, feet up in stirrups, ready to push, and of course, with pushing, her vagina is bulging, she's shooting fountains of urine out on the doctor, and her hubby is not beside her leg, but down... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I slide a sturdy chair behind s/o's "just in case" and it has been handy. I tell them, look I am 5 feet 2 and somwhat small. YOU are over 6 ft. Think I am gonna catch you if you fall? think again. Take the seat if you need to, for your own safety."

    I have enough to do, caring for a laboring momma. And my back ain't gonna be happy if I try to catch some guy (or gal) falling dead weight on my small frame.
  2. by   CoffeeRTC hubby passed out when he had to get blood taken, (and now feels woosy when he needs labs done) BUT has been okay at delivery. Well, the Emergent C Section made him week in the knees. LOL. We will see about this 4th one.
  3. by   PamperedRN
    My husband thought he would pass out during my c-section. He told me this before the day so I told my nurse. They got him a stool for in the OR.Funny thing was I wanted pictures of the doc holding up baby. My husband still not wanting to look just held the camera above the drape and pointed in the general direction. Never got the pic I wanted. I am glad he didn't pass out though.
  4. by   MemphisOBRNC
    We had a hubby supporting his wife during an epidural and he hit the floor, almost pulling her off the bed, too, just as the epidural catheter had been put in and anesthesia was still holding it. Needless to say, after he was tended to, the epidural was put in again...without his support.
  5. by   judy ann
    In my many years spent attending moms and dads in the OB dept, I've seen many dads and other family members "lose it", but the one I remember the most was the fellow who wanted to watch while I put in the IV. After all, he was a paramedic and did this all the time. He was in the ER, his head being repaired, when his son was born. He didn't come back on the deck till the next shift was on. Poor guy! (The mom thought it was hilarious) :chuckle :chuckle :angel2:
    (Can you tell that I really like smilies? )
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I would really think twice about having s/o's support laboring women during the placement of an epidural. It places the mom in a vulnerable situation whereby she could be injured (like the situation above!) and from a risk management standpoint, you could get into some trouble.

    If the s/o's insist on being there (and who can blame them?)----- you can always make sure they sit in a chair when supporting the mom during epidural placement. Otherwise, this is a job best-left to the nurses. There is no way we can safely monitor the mom and catch someone fainting during this procedure. I know in one place where I worked, the dads were not allowed to do this at all. They were required to sit in a chair, facing the mom for moral support, only. Not a bad idea, when you consider, you have no idea who may faint at any given time.
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