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  1. I was just curious what additional schooling you need to become a CNM (I think thats what it is called....) after having your RN?

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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    You have to have at least 1-2 years staff nurse experience (depending on which school you apply to) and you have to have a MSN as well as pass the certification exam to become a CNM.
  4. by   futurecnm
    The school I have looked into requires a RN license, at least 1 year of experience in OB unit, and a bachelors. However, you don't HAVE to have a bachelors of nursing for this school (but may be required to take some additional nursing/health related classes to get it) But even thought I do have a bachelors in another field I will most likely do one in nursing as well just to have it. I am looking at doing CNM or NP and haven't decided yet (i have a long way to go-still just finishing up my 1st year of a 2 yr AD program). If I decide CNM is the route for me I will have to try really hard to land a position as an RN in OB, then work for a year while getting my bachelors, then apply and see if I can get in. I think there are not a whole lot of spots open each year. So, it is considered a masters degree, which probably takes 2 years once you get in the CNM program.
  5. by   HeartsOpenWide
    The one I am looking into requires a BSN but not experience in OB (this is UCSF)
    Q: I am in nursing school. Do I need labor and delivery experience before I can apply to midwifery school?

    A: Experience as a labor and delivery nurse can be very helpful in developing an appreciation of the process of labor and birth. However a variety of experiences in women's health are valued and this experience is not an absolute requirement.
    They do have a progrogram where if you have a BA/BS in another feild they will train you to be a nurse in about 1-1 1/2 years (I can not remember the length) and then you go on to the midwifery training.
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