Midwife gets jail in baby's death - page 2

there are so many things in this story that bother me.....sorry if this has already been posted. (from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) Unlicensed woman given 6-month term as part of sentence ... Read More

  1. by   Belinda-wales
    As a qualified midwife who has attened hundreds of births at home and in hospital I can not understand this midwifes actions she must have under stood the dangers - it is her job to make the parents understand the risks if they were despirate for a vbac then why not in hosptial so actons can be taken if emergency should arrise they were lucky that the mum survied absolut madness
  2. by   P_RN
    live in a rural area. We still have a few "granny midwives" in our towns. I don't recall any having such a tragedy. They are the first to tell the mommy NO if any red flags pop up. They visit the prental clinic with the mommy during the whole pregnancy. Mommy signs consent for transport in emergency, and agrees to follow the physicians' orders. I used to think it was money holding them to the custom, but now I believfe it's faith in the midwife that drives them.
  3. by   33-weeker
    To clarify, I was not defending THIS particular midwife in this situation, just saying we shouldn't lump everyone in a group just because they are 'unlicensed'.

    Were any of the 3 c-sections necessary? We should remember that we were not there and do not know what exactly was said between the clients and midwife. I do agree she should have either not taken it on, or at least sent them to the hospital at the first sign of trouble.