MGSO4 and breast feeding

  1. do any of your docs allow a mom to breast feed while on magnesium IV ? what are your policies and procedures foe mag.
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  3. by   imenid37
    the answer used to be no, until about 7-8 yrs. ago. now mom on mag can breastfeed. do you have lac. cons.? i believe we use a book called drugs in lactation and pregnancy as a ref. as well as the l.c. i am not sure of the author of the book. i can check it out though.
    We usually have our moms pump and dump if they're on mag, and for, I believe, 24 hours after it's stopped. Hinders breastfeeding greatly.

  5. by   imenid37
    sorry, i hit reply too soon. you can also check out which lists mag as compatable w/ breastfeeding.
  6. by   OBNurseShelley
    yes they breast feed on mag, no problem
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes our moms do breastfeed while on magnesium post partum and always have. NO problems observed and yes, it is considered as compatible w/breastfeeding as is morphine, all the pp pain narcotics, etc. Theoretically, some medicine and/or medication metabolites are passed in breastmilk, however these are considered to be at levels that make breastfeeding more beneficial than formula feeding. This is what we have practiced in all the places I have worked and the lactation consultants agree.
    Thanks for the info guys!

    I myself don't usually head for the breastfeeding/drug compatibility book unless I don't have an LC around to ask these types of questions to. So if an LC tells me to have mom pump & dump, that's what I do.

    But I appreciate the info, and I'll be checking into this myself. Why in the world are they having me do this then? Most of those moms have given up, what a waste!

  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    That's why I love it here....I learn something new all the time. I also access perinatology listserves for the same reason. We all can get in that "blinder mode" whereby "we have always done it that way and it works" w/o even thinking to consider what others do in other parts of the country, and that maybe our practices are either outdated or inefficient. It is amazing how far behind in some areas I see our practices are.....change is hard to make, esp when working with folks who have done it that way for 25, 30 years. (and I do mostly, I am considered "new" as a nurse with only 5 years' experience). But if you have the backup, it can be done! Good luck, Heather!
  10. by   luv l&d
    Never in 23 yrs have I ever had a pt pump and discard with mag
    Maybe it is the area you live in. We have only had Lactation Consultants for about 6 or 7 yrs.
  11. by   indynurse
    It is peds call and most still say pump and dump. However, our LC's are vigorously lobbying to change that and a few of the peds have listened and changed their orders.
  12. by   finallyRN
    We do not make them pump and dump. I will ask our LC tommorrow to get her opinion on this.
  13. by   Jolie
    We have never restricted moms on Mag from breastfeeding, as long as they felt up to it, which is usually more of a problem than the potential effects of Mag on the infant.

    If the mom is on such a high dose that there is a real concern for passing excessive amounts of Mag on to the baby, then the baby's Mag levels can be monitored. I've seen this done only once, and the baby was no where near toxic.
  14. by   babynurselsa
    We ussed to make our mag momss pump and dump. Only because the pediatricians ordered it. Our neo finally convinced them. "Drugs in Lactation and Pregnancy Handbook" Sates that the mag that crosses over into breastmilk is negligible.