1. hello all you fabulous ob/gyn nurses. I have a question. I had a laparascopy/hysteroscopy done on Thursday. I have three different sites with stitches (one umbilical and two abdominal). Small to be sure but still painful. Any advice? I have been on my feet quite a bit since Saturday although while home I tried to take frequent rest breaks. I am back at work today and although I have been in front of a computer with my feet up most of the day, I am still hurting. Mostly small twinges.
    Should i be off my feet more or take a couple more days off? My follow up is Friday so until then I am on my own. Just me and my handy little bottle of pain pills although I try not to take them unless absolutely necessary. Yesterday is the first time I took two in one day. (vicodin). Otherwise, strictly ibuprofen (dr order--800mg.)
    That being said, any advice? I'd love to hear from you experienced folks. By the way, the surgery was for occluded fallopian tubes. Doc said everything looks great so we are looking forward to the baby making (when I am released for the fun! LOL)
    Thanks everyone.
    time for me to go home and :zzzzz
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    i would rest a bit more. A big point here: are you taking your vicodin AS NEEDED or regularly? If taking PRN, you need to stop this and you need to take it ON THE CLOCK! take it like you would anything else that is timed. (vicodin is usually q4 - 6 hr, check your Rx)......The rationale is, blood levels of pain meds need to stay constant for there to be adequate pain relief immediately after surgery.... .....also try a warm (not hot) heating pad.

    Obviously when using vicodin, don't be driving or doing anything else that could entail danger to self or others. also, alternate the vicodin w/your ibuprofen, if possible, to achieve even greater pain control coverage.

    And make sure you are not getting s/s of infection, you know, redness/swelling/heat/discharge at site, or fever over 100.4. If you do, call your DR asap. Tho less invasive than open surgery, LAPs are NOT painless...they can be quite painful. Take it easy a bit more, take your pain meds on schedule for a couple days and ambulate regularly.

    If none of the above suggestions help you, call your doctor and discuss this with him/her. It may be you need another type of pain medication to help you. That said, You should then do fine....from an OB nurse and also a person who has had two major abd surgeries in 3 years.:kiss
  4. by   shay
    BluEyes, as usual, gives great advice. Be good to yourself!!
    As a surgical nurse I can tell you , you are doing too much. Yes the sites may look small but they are still puncture wounds through your abdominal wall, and we use trocars to make those punctures... With any abd surgery its best not too do a whole lot of nothing for aleast a week and then your still not out of the woods... Just kick back and relax and take it easy , if you do too much you can easily develope adhesions and basically undo what the surgeon unclogged also possibly create a hernia on the abd wall. Take it easy honey you earned it.
    Good luck on the baby making but please wait 4 to 6 weeks on trying because it will give your tubes a chance to heal without any further complications.....
    Lets not occlude what was just unplugged.
    Good Luck

    Ps : did you have any discomfort at the shoulders? From the co2 use?
  6. by   txsugar
    Boy is my face red. thanks for the great advice from all of you. I did some mental hand slapping in response to what y'all wrote. I already spoke to my supervisor who said to take as much time as necessary. I am going to go straight home and back to bed and, yes, take my vicodin as ordered. I certainly don't want to undo any progress we've made so far. I'll also wait the six weeks (minimum) before we try for a baby. I want to heal properly so I don't have to go through this again.
    About the shoulder pain, just briefly the day of the surgery. I had some achiness in my left shoulder (but the OR nurse explained that might happen) but it didn't last and I haven't had any since. Mostly abdominal cramping every now then and sharp twinges. Okay. I was wrong. I thought that since it wasn't a huge incision or a major surgery that I could up moving around and cleaning house and working etc. I have learned my lesson! Thanks again to all you. You are the best.
    By the way, the pre-op RN and the OR nurse who worked with me were absolutely wonderful. I have told everyone just how great they were. If all of you are like that, anyone going in for surgery is very blessed to have that kind of care and concern. You guys are special.