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  1. a co-worker was recently fired because she refused to participate in a termination. the facility that we work in is hospital/med ctr and a teaching facility. the manager stated that she agreed on hireing that she would be able to do it. even so cant she change her mind at any time and is this legal and doesnt it violate moral or ethical rights of the r.n.?????
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  3. by   nrse4evr
    It is my understanding that a nurse has the right to refuse to be the instrument in a termination, but may not refuse to care fot the pt. In other words, I won't start the Pit, place the cytotec or cervidil, nor will I up the pit etc, but I will take VS, chart, provide support, maintain the pt sateyy, provide pain management etc. I realize that not everyone has the same beliefs and ethical mores' that I have and I would never ask one of my nurses to do something anainst their beliefs, but I also manitain that it is our responsibility to remain non judgemental and provide care for the pt regardless of their decisions.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My understanding is, if a practice violates the moral or ethical code of a given individual, as long as he/she states this consistently and ahead of time, there are no grounds for employment termination........I also agree with the above. The nurse has every right not to participate in the procedure itself, but may not have the right to refuse to care for the patient afterward.
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  5. by   nurse4theplanet
    one of the many reasons why I don't have any desire to work labor and delivery...hopefully, things will work out for this nurse.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I would check with HR regarding termination of employment, to ensure the rights of that nurse were not violated. If a condition of employment is to care for such patients, then she really has no recourse.
  7. by   GingerSue
    would the nurse have to explain to the patient, to the doctor, and the supervisor, that she/he is not going to carry out the doctor's prescription?