Labor and Delivery Paper. Due Monday 11/12/07!!!

  1. I'm in my first semester of college interested in Nursing: Labor and delivery. For one of my classes the teacher asked the students to write a research paper on why everyone chose their career paths. I need some help though. Are there jobs that I need to have first to work my way up to being a labor and delivery nurse? What are some pros and cons about labor and delivery nursing?
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi. I'll move your post to the OB forum where L&D nurses who visit that forum might be able to help.

    Good luck!
  4. by   imenid37
    If you want to see if you like L/D you could work as a tech or nursing assistant. We have techs who stock our rooms and do some other jobs, but not too much w/ the patient. It is a way to be "around" the area to see if you would like it. Some places have techs who scrub for C/S, but at least in my area, the scrub techs do not recieve on the job training, but go to a community college surg tech program first. You could also try being a nursing assistant on a mother-baby unit, to be around moms and babies. Once you get your RN, you can go right into L/D in many places. Some want you to have med-surg first, but not always. For many nurses, getting some organizatinal skills as new graduates, being a mother-baby nurse for a year or two first is also a good option. You could also be a doula (birth companion) without first being a nurse. Strictly speaking, nothing but the RN is needed. Best of luck to you. Study hard. We need more nurses!!!!
  5. by   MrsHarrison0526
    technically no once you graduate and take boards you can go straight to L&D you don't have to start down and work up. in nursing school you will have your on section covering lots and lots of L&D stuff... what happens if the baby comes too early... what happens if the baby is born dead? what happens if the mom develops high blood pressure or diabetes during her pregnancy? what happens if the baby is coming out foot first? What calls for a c-section? but L&D you also have to know things about babies as well... what are newborns typical heart rates and blood pressures and respirations and temperatures.. and BLOOD SUGARS! how important it is too keep the baby warm. and the bonding between mother and baby. Emotional support is very important too. good luck