1. This may be a silly question to ask, but while looking for mother/baby/postpartum nursing jobs I have found OBGYN and L&D. I'm wondering if there is a specific postpartum or mother/baby title to the job, or if that would also be considered L&D. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   klone
    If it says L&D, then it typically is just L&D, as many places have an L&D department that's separate from postpartum mom/baby.

    If it says OB/Gyn (and it's an inpatient facility, not a clinic) then it may mean ALL OB/Gyn (which would be L&D, mom/baby, and post-gyn surgery), or it may just mean mom/baby and post-gyn surgical. Mom/baby would just be mom/baby or postpartum.
  4. by   Leader25
    I my areas --LD is just that ,but may have LDR 's,post partum no longer used as all have been blended as Mother/Baby unit with some antepartums thrown in. Some other places have a dedicated antepartum unit for high risk moms.
    Gyn is just those surgeries,in patient.Different age group- young to elderly.
  5. by   Idiosyncratic
    In my hospital we used to use the word OBGYN, and you may be in any of the units(LD, PP, Ante). But now we use specifications for the units. So I don't think it means anything really, just ask during the interview, or see if the job description will explain it to you.