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I have come across a very touchy subject today at work. I have a new mom. Was married to her first cousin, had a baby, now FOB not involved. The baby is actually the FOB's son and cousin. My question... Read More

  1. by   MuddaMia
    Quote from coopergrrlrn
    my great grandmother married her cousin, of seven children there was at least one alcoholic, one schizophrenic, one with cerebral palsy, one died young. the next generations ende up with some alcoholism, depression, bipolar...not sure if its the cousin-to-cousin thing or not but gives one thought.
    (and it makes me somehow 4th cousins or something to my mother, which is just weird)
    since these are not recessive disorders..they have nothing to do with the marriage being btwn cousins

    btw--when i was looking this up on google ,i came across this:

    famous people who married their cousins:
    queen victoria
    charles darwin
    albert einstein
    jerry lee lewis
    franklin d. roosevelt
    first prime minister of canada, sir john a. macdonald
    jessie james
    christopher robin
    rudy giuliani
    edgar allen poe
    biblical mary and joseph were first cousins
    prophet muhammad
    aemilia lanyer
    jean sebastien bach
    h.g. wells
    werner von braun
  2. by   nurse4theplanet
    I think I was watching Dr. Phil, and he did an episode about 1st cousins who married without knowing they were related and the family made a big deal about it when they found out, urging the two to not have children. Dr. Phil provided some research evidence stating that the incidence of genetic defects among cousins is nearly the same as for the general unrelated population. I was suprised! As far as an incest concern, it would depend on state law...but I would pay close attention to family dynamics (especially after being in my psych rotation). Some things are accidents, some are not, and incest that occurs is likely to transmit (behavoirally) to further generations