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I am a pre-nursing student so I don't know how it actually works in l&D, other than my own experience. I was watching some reality childbirth shows. And the woman was moaning in agony and wanting... Read More

  1. by   Dayray
    Never said the urge to push was painful. Fighting the urge to push is what I was talking about. This has been described to me as excruciating. One patient I took care of post partum was forced to pant for 20 min while a doctor was on the way. She said at first it was hard to fight the urge and then she got a sharp cramping pain in her lower abd. It was described as the most painful thing she has ever felt.

    As for the actual act of pushing yes, patients will tell you that it is a relife.
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  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    for me, fighting the urge to push WAS excruciating. Each woman is different.
  3. by   CA CoCoRN
    Quote from lgowan
    We do push our moms without the doc there. It is kind of a judgement call according to her cervix and station. If they are a gravida 5, we don't push. We just get the catcher's mit and call the doc! I have delivered many babies. It's scary at first, but fortunately, the ones that normally precip are fine anyway, with the exception of an occasional tight nuchal. Done that too! Babies did fine. I have realized it is not the delivery so much that scares me as it is the afterward, when there is a bad baby. Luckily, in a small unit we are all trained in Nursery, NRP, and can rescuscitate and stabilize a bad one for transport to a NICU hospital. We had three last week. (WE average 30 total deliveries a month).

    This is how my hospital is...although we are not small. We do approx. 450-500+ deliveries per month...busy to not be a teaching facility. I've delivered probably 30+ babies in my three years here.
    Nature doesn't always wait, the patient isn't always cooperative, and the course of labor can't always be predicted to run a certain length. A couple hours ago, we had TWO nurse deliveries. One was mine. The doctor was on her way, but the pt was a multip and wanted to "do her business".
    As a rule, the nurses generally start pushing the pt when she's complete, with MD notification. We get a "status/ETA report" from the doc to see where he/she is, if they're not here...and then we go from there.

    We, as the RN's do all the work and don't get the credit. Docs show up and "catch the baby" and get the big bucks. We are supposed to write notifications for every nurse delivery, and supposedly the MDs can't bill for those deliveries. But you know.....However, for each nurse delivery I do, I make sure I am listed as the delivering practitioner. Afterall, it's the truth!!!!