Inquest begins into the death of a new mother

  1. I am posting this here because she died post delivery. Looks like it might be a matter of medical - well, the inquest is still sitting at the moment.

    Here is the reported facts so far.
    The inquest heard that on the day after the birth, Mrs Dee suffered bleeding to the brain, triggered by low blood pressure caused by a spinal leak following a caesarean under spinal anaesthesia.
    Her husband Scott Dee told the inquest Mrs Dee was discharged from the hospital but still suffered agonising headaches.
    On March 27 she suffered another seizure and collapsed before being taken by ambulance to the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.
    Her family gave authority for her life support system to be switched off the next day.
    A post-mortem examination found the brain haemorrhage, linked to the spinal leak, as well as low sodium levels in Mrs Dee's system caused by medication she was taking in a bid to control the seizures all contributed to her death.,00.html
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WOW what an eye-opening account. Sends chills down my very spine. Thanks for posting, Gwenith.
  4. by   Jilaweez
    Wow, that is scary. I recently had a spinal leak myself, followed by emergency c-section and those headaches are terrible. I had a blood patch and luckily all ended fine, glad I didn't read this sooner! What a terrible thing for the family to go through.