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does anyone know how i can find out how to find the hocus pocus seminar that they give. i have looked at our poster board at work and they don't have any advertisement for it. i was wondering if... Read More

  1. by   PattonD
    Not exactly sure but my understanding of it is if you really belive in your mind that you will get better it helps your healing process. Or if you convince yourself the pain will be less than it will be less.

    Seems to me it follows the concept of voodoo,witchcraft, god healed you, kind of logic
  2. by   ebear
    Oh!!! Well,OK...we nurses were justing trying to define the term. Wonder where she got it?
  3. by   rn_4_babies
    It is a siminar on maternal child nursing, mainly nursery stuff. I live in AZ so maybe it is just in my area. If any of you would have heard of it, you would know what I was talking about.... it is one of the best classes you can take, and NO you silly girls, it has NOTHING to do with magic!

    thanks for all the funny replies,
  4. by   rn_4_babies
    no that is not it, thanks for the hard work trying to find it for me..... when i get the info... i will let you all know about it.
  5. by   Nurse Smiley
    Quote from RN1989
    Nurse Smiley - hope you do a little hocus pocus on yourself and get into a new job!
    RN1989, Thank you for the excellent career advice. We will see what the future will bring to our unit. There is current communication regarding hiring additional nurses. "Let us pray"!

    Nurse Smiley :spin:
  6. by   Nurse Smiley
    Quote from ebear
    You got it!! I got hocus pocused out!! Whew!!
    Enough already!

    Best of luck to you in your new adventure!

    Power to all Nurses,
    Nurse Smiley :spin:
  7. by   rnmomtobe2010
    this is so funny!!:roll