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  1. since I was little was to be a L&D nurse. Id love to be a nurse, but if I could pick Id pick L&D!! I am a 30 year old SAHM to 3 kids. I have a wonderful hubby and I really want to go to nursing school. Can anyone give me some info on nursing school? I dont know where or how to start.
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  3. by   madascanbeRNtobe
    Congrats on making the decision. thats the first step.

    I will let someone else from the states answer your question.

    However since you are married and all, i assume you would want to stay in the town/city you are in. Call up the colleges and universities in your areas that have nursing program (regardless of which type), and make appointments with the admissions counselors. They will give you the best information as to whats available to you.

    But of course talk to other nurses in here, look up the colleges websites, you want to be informed when you go meet the counselor.

    Again, congrats on making the decision.

  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Hi and welcome!
    I was a SAHM too who decided to become a nurse. I graduate in 3 days That is the great thing about nursing - you can choose so many specialties. Of course in school you will have to learn a little about everything and will likely only have a short rotation in L&D..but you can certainly go there when you graduate (you would probably have to apply early in your final semester to get that position tho..but it's very doable!)

    I would ask around on the state board for your state to find out more about schools. Some programs require you to take certain classes before you can even apply. Some areas have long waiting lists and some don't..just depends on where you live.

    It is good you are starting this time of year so that you can start taking some classes this fall. Popular ones to start with are English, Psych, and Anatomy/Physiology. You will likely not be able to apply to a nursing program until next spring or fall..so get cracking on gathering info!

    I decided to start school the summer of 2004 and I am graduating with my AAS in Nursing as I said this week..so it took me roughly 3 years all together. It is important to find out the requirements asap so that you can meet all the needed deadlines.

    You can do it!
  5. by   buddiage
    I was a SAHM too- I finally thought that I could reach new goals in life for me and my family, and going to school is the best thing I have done for myself.

    Check out nursing schools in your area. Decide if you want a BSN (three years, sometimes 2 years on accelerated programs) or an Associates (ADN). Both degrees let you be a registered nurse.

    You will start out by taking a test at the local college you will choose to go to (I am at a community college Associate's program right now). It will place you in the English and Math you need to be in. Start out by taking just one class. Maybe two. You will learn to manage your time, if you don't already.

    If I had never made it to the nursing program, I have to say that all those prereqs were great to take, and gave me a new confidence about myself that I had forgotten I had.

    You will likely meet other women like yourself, who want to do something now, and have a husband and/or children. You'll meet some great people.

    Colleges can send you information, or you can download it on their websites. Some classes are online nowadays, so that might add to your convinience.

    I am 33, and am nearing the end of my 2nd semester of nursing school. I still can't believe I am finally here, and I have met some people that I will have lifelong friendships with. It is difficult at times, but you will learn what you are made of and be a better person for it. It's a lot of fun. Keep a positive attitude. You CAN go to school. You just have to want it enough.
  6. by   Nurse-One
    I was in the same mind-set you were in around Spring of 2006.
    Now it Spring of 2007 and I will being entering into the nursing program to obtain my BSN at my local State college. It wasn't easy- lots of sleep deprevation and weight loss, mind you, this was just with the pre-req's courses.
    What I did to find info on nursing school
    I called every school (community colleges, universities, state colleges, and even vocational type of schools) that offered LPN, ADN, BSN ( BSN because my goal is to become a nurse-midwife which requires a MSN) Program.
    Use the internet to find these school. Try to look in other near by in your area (if the drive is resonable) don't just look in your state. You should do this so you can apply to as much nursing programs in as much schools as possible to have a better chance of being accepted at one of them.
    Ask the schools you call if you need to take a Pre-entrance exam and what the Grade point average is for that school to be accepted into the program.
    Also, know that pre-req's (the classes you take before you enter the nursing program) usually takes 2 semester (9months) to complete. (this can vary)
    If you want to start working as a nurse as earlier as possible, Apply to the LPN program, which usually takes about 10months to complete and the classes are usually held during the day Mon-Fri (this can vary if you go part time or take evening classes.)
    Most importantly know that courses like Human Anatomy and Phisology, chemistry, microbiology , which are just pre- req's require lots and lots of study time, so be prepared to have your head buried in a book if you want to end the class with a decent grade. I have found this site to be very informational more than any other nursing site, so go to different formus as much as possible, if you have'nt already done so...
    You might feel a little disconnected with your family since you'll be studying a lot so try not to get overwhelmed by keeping a balance between school and family.
    Good Luck- Its worth it in the end.
  7. by   Quickbeam
    Another thing...as a career changer, I strongly recommend that you pull together any transcripts you have (high school, any college classes you have taken) NOW. That will save you an enormous headache down the line.

    Reading your post, I had a flashback to getting my old high school transcript and vaccination records. Took longer than I had anticipated. My college transcript I had.... but I never dreamed anyone would want my high school transcript!
  8. by   JoniL&DRN
    Go for it! You won't regret it. I left the workforce in 1997 and steayed home with my children. I was TERRIFIED to go back to school . When I started pre req's in 2004 I thought "oh my gosh what if I can't do this!". I will graduate from nursing school in December!

    True there have been days where I just wanted to pull the covers over my head. My husband has had to take on an entirely new role (oh you other nursing students know what I mean....) as occasional cook and housekeeper, things he did not do before, BUT our family is better for it. My children (11, 8, 7) have all learned the value of hard work and commitment and I have learned some really wonderful things about myself along the way!

    And BTW I work in L&D! It's why I went to nursing school in the first place. I started as a doula (our hopsital provides this wonderful service for free) moved up to stdent nurse aide (or some call it OB tech) and am now a student nurse intern (well in two weeks) with a nurse mentor!
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  9. by   KMP77
    Sorry for being so annoying. I just want to make sure I know exactly what Im doing.

    So now the only classes I'll need is English, Psych, Anatomy/Physiology, Chem and Microbiology? Or is there more? So what I'll do is take these classes first, pass and then look into nursing schools? Also, I dont know if Im going for RN, LPN...I dont know what the diff's are. I would LOVE to be a L&D nurse, even ER. But L&D would be my first choice.

    I dont have anything from HS! I dont even know what my GPA was. I wasnt very good in HS. But I want to do this more than anything and I know I can.

    I just dont know where I start...Im so confused LOL.
  10. by   JoniL&DRN
    Your best bet is to 1. find a community college 2. contact your high school (as the CC may require transcripts.. but don't worry your high school grades won't count). Then you can start thinking about nursing programs where you are and what they may require for admittance. RN or LVN/LPN is a matter of personal choice. Where I live (central Cali.) the hopsitals don't hire many LVN's so that may factor for you. Frankly for the wage difference I'd rather be in school one more year. RN school is a little longer but you have to option of "bridging" from LVN to RN if you do LVN first. There are many people in my area who opt for LVN first simply because of the impaction that the RN schools are experiencing. Grades for entry here are quite competitive. We have one school that is strictly lottery (which I think is probably easier for them but not the best way to pick a future nurse) and has ~ 500 applicants each semester for 80 spots. My school had anywhere from 200-400 for 40 or 80 spots depending on the semester and admitted based on GPA, SO you can see the competition there.

    I found a smaller CC that wasn't quite as busy. Did my pre-reqs there (sometimes even those science classes are impossible to get in) at about 12-15 units per semester. I had small kids at home at that time so I did a lot of them online and the rest at night. Finished those in three semesters (summer, fall, spring). I really jumped in with both feet after having been out of school for 12 years. Then I took one semester of stuff for the BSN program that I will start when I am done with the ADN (because I couldn't be admitted to nursing school until pre-req's were done and I didn't want to just sit and wait. I was on a roll!). Then started nursing school in Jan. 2006. I was 30 when I started pre-reqs in summer 2004 and will 33 shortly.

    Our household has had to make many adjustments. For years I did it ALL. My husband never cooked, shopped, washed clothes or took the kids to any of their various appts. He never had to do hair for picture day or make sack lunch. He never went to a parent-teacher conference. He worked and I did everything else. So obviously that had to change. Likewise my kids didn't have to do much other than some menial chores like feed the animals, pick up your room etc. Now they sweep, dust, mop, fold clothes, scrub toilets and whatever else! We hit it as a family and knock it all out on Saturday morning (except laundry that's a daily thing with 5 or 6 people in the house). I worried at first because I was so used to being in control of every situation. I had to miss the kids first day of school this year (had class and an exam). I cried the whole way to class. But dad did took care of it and they were fine. OK he didn't take 400 pictures like I would have (but he did take one). I did pick the clothes out though ;o) What I'm getting at is this.. it's tough at times, but you can do anything you really want to. There are days I have been so exhausted I thought I couldn't take another step. But I did. Nobody saw the dustbunnies under my bed and we all have survived. We have eaten lots of pb&j and grilled cheese and my kids are healthy still. I see my husband in a whole new light and he has a whole new respect for me. We're still married (14 years) and we love each other more than ever. Nursing school teaches you lots of things about medicine and even more about yourself.
  11. by   KMP77
    Thank you SO MUCH Joni!!!!!!!!!!!!

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