Hello again

  1. I havent posted much lately been busy with school and work. how is everyone?

    I also have a question for those of you who work (or have worked ) both L&D and PP. I started orenting to L&D about a month ago. It's great and I am learning allot. I really enjoy helping my patients threw labor and love to see their reactions to there new baby. I worked pp for a year before I started my orentaion to L&D. I loved PP but wanted to be on L&D. As I said I really enjoy L&D but I feel that I don't get as much time to do education or the hand holding I did in PP and I don't feel as bonded to patients as I did on PP

    Is this just becuase I am new and focusig more on learning the skill/assesment?
    Once I get a handle on my new role will things be more like they were on PP? or will it always be more skill/assesment then bonding and education?

    I love the autonomy and chance to use my assesment and critical thinking skills I get in L&D but I also really love handling education and social issues with my patients.
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  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    I do not find it is less bonding in L&D actual at times it seems like more. i think it gets better once you get comfortable so you dont have to focus as hard on tasks and you can be yourself with patients. there is less time for education on an L&D unit if it is a pure L&D unit. I work mostly in LDRP setting now so i get the best of both worlds
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I do LDRP also, and love it all. I like variety. Dayray, you will be super in labor, pp whatever you choose; of that I am sure. It is good to see you back, by the way. We have missed you.