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Just curious if anyone has had a baby at the hospital they work at. We are planning on a home birth but you never know so...I really dont want to deliver with any of the OBs I work with, and there... Read More

  1. by   BittyBabyGrower
    I had my DD where I work and I didn't have a problem with it. I knew if my doc couldn't make it, then the midwife would deliver me, and I knew the staff on L/D, NICU and postpartum. I was pampered a bit I guess you have to go with your comfort level.
  2. by   DutchgirlRN
    I've had both of my babies at my hospital as well as both of my grandchildren. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. My daughter feels the same way stating that she was treated like royality because her Mom works there.
  3. by   judyblueeyes
    I had both babies at my hospital- a full termer and a 23.5 weeker (now 9). I wouldn't have one any place else!
  4. by   dragonfly1325
    I had both of my boys at our hospital, One in 97, and one in 05, after I started working there. We have many OB doc but 90% use 1 certain one. He is really the only one the treats us as people, If you see him in the hall he will ask how you are doing. Or maybe even get you an appointment sooner than two months in advance. If I could still have kids I would still deliver there. But, We love our docs, I had him do my hysterectomy last Jan.
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  5. by   NurseyBaby'05
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    I may wind up delivering on the ob unit @ my hospital. It's the only one in the city where the midwives I see have privileges. I'm planning on having my baby at their free standing birth center, but we'll see how it winds up working out. I was really conflicted for awhile, but I decided it was a small chance to take to have the kind of birth I would like. Seeing a poor nurse who winds up being intimate with my nether regions on the elevator every day may be a little bit awkward, but I'll survive.

    I did wind up delivering my son where I work on March 25. I had ROM @ 12:00 on the 24th and went to the birthcenter around 20:00 so I could receive abx. I was GBS+. I got to 7cm overnight amidst tons of stairclimbing and nipple stimulation. It got to be the 24 hour mark and I got to 7.5 cm from 7cm. Oooooh, big change. If they thought I would have delivered in the next hour or two, they would not have encouraged my transfer, but ds' progress had ground to a very slow crawl. They told me it could mean the difference between me taking him home with me or him having to stay for antibiotics. I decided to transfer. The pitocin contractions were evil. I wound up with an epidural. I was on hour 30 with no sleep and couldn't get ahead of the ctx. I also wanted to reenergize for pushing. It must have worked because I only had to push for 15-20 min.

    Anyway, it was kind of nice becasue they tucked me away with a little more privacy both for delivery and my post-partum room. The staff was a little more laid back with me than they would have been with a "stranger"; which was good. It was awkward walking down to the cafeteria in my gown, robe and bare, unshaven legs and running into people I know. I didn't care at that point though. A lot of them didn't recognize me in pt garments and no belly. The other thing that helped was that I opted for 24 hour discharge instead of staying the extra day. By the time people came to "crash the party", so to speak, I was already gone.
  6. by   wubbakat
    I delivered my second baby in the labor and delivery that I work at. It was such a great experience. I think that my nurses were more intimidated that it was me than I was nervous. There was not one nurse that I was apprehensive about in taking care of me or my baby, I know most everyone's abilities. I was spoiled rotten. What's even more wonderful, now that my daughter is 4, everyone that was involved, I share a specialness with them yet. It's funny, we deliver our own OB's when they have their babies, and it really hasn't been intimidating with them. I, during my pregnancy had some uneasiness about having people that know and work with me, see me in labor, and vulnerable, but I think that was a strength for me, I didn't have an epidural, or any pain medication for that matter, and it was a good experience.