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HI everyone,just had to write about my great day i had today! been having quite a few lately but today was the best in a long time. I was off work for two days, when i got back tonight I had... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    well the streak continues I came to work this evening and was greeted by a patients daughter i took care of on medical last night.she told me her mother was telling everone in the hospital (nursing supervisor,lab techs,xray tech, and the nurses in CT as well as her doc)about what a great nurse i was and how funny i was. then as i turned to walk in a pt i delivered a couple weeks ago came out the door ,gave me big hug and told me she has a special gift coming for me in a few days. she then asked me to go into the lobby to see the baby that was with her sister, it was as cute and healthy as could be! well anyway the sister told me she just registered to deliver at my hospital, and that she was writing a letter to my manager about me.when I finally got upstairs to my unit and checked my email I had one from my manager telling me that my patients and everyone here loves me and that I better never leave

    one other thing that has been happening lately, is the instructor for a local nursing program tells all her students about me and tries to get them all to meet me. she tells them I am there role model, being professional,caring,compassionate,skilled and overall great nurse.

    all this attention might make my head swell ,the might have to put in bigger doors so i can get in

    but I really remain humble because i love what i do
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  2. by   hollybear
    who could help but love you I sure do. keep up the great work,but be sure to save some of the caring for me when it is my turn
  3. by   Keely-FutureRN
    aww! Cangratulations on all your hard work! When I ever have kids, I'll fly out to mississippi to have them

  4. by   kimmicoobug
    Mark, that is awesome. I am so glad to hear that you got such positive feedback from both your patients, families, and your supervisor. I wish that you were in my area because I am going to be precepted in OB starting next Friday (though I just get a kick out of my preceptor and like her alot). Have you thought about precepting? You would probalby be great at it. Hope your lucky streak continues.
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    kimmicoobug i have precepted before and do it any chance i get. I love to teach the new nurses what i know. I have a head full of useful info to share.

    keely-feely rn thanks!you never know i might be in your aarea when you deliver,if i were i would be honored to be your nurse
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  6. by   mark_LD_RN
    another day and the streak continues had a patient addmitted when i worked peds the other night, i was there labornurses over a yr ago when she delivered. well i admitted them to peds the parents were over joyed to see me, they got on the phone and called the grand parents told them i was there nurse again.the grand parents came up to see me. and they told the tech i was there favorite nurse

    makes me feel so good when patients think so highly of me
  7. by   Honeysundun
    Originally posted by mark_LD_RN
    HI everyone,just had to write about my great day i had today! been having quite a few lately but today was the best in a long time.

    I was off work for two days, when i got back tonight I had people the DON and nurse manager waiting for me and a patient of mine from a month ago with her sister. the DON and nurse manager went on to tell me how many letters and calls they have been getting about me. and that this one patient had called and wanted to thank me again in person. also they had set up for her husband to call me from Iraqi( which is the same place he was when she delivered) he thanked me for taking such good care of her and the baby and for allowing them to film it so he could see it when he gets home. he goes on to tell me how in debted he is to me for ever. (actually I feel indebted to him and other military personel and familes but that's another thread). it left me speachless and in tears. his wife gave me a nice little gift. and to top it off the sister told us she is delivering here just because of how she saw me care for her sister.

    nurse manager also told me I give great patient care ,and that the docs and midwives love me as well as my patients. she thanked me for all I do. and for being such a good representative for our hospital.

    then later in the shift i had a couple come in and ask for me, they introduced there self as a friend of a couple i delivered 2 months ago or so. and told me they wanted to meet me and see if i would be there nurse when they delivered and if i would she would change docs to come here. of course i agreed. lately I have been getting lots of positive feedback and it is sure making me feel good.

    I just love what I do, and am glad my patients give me the honor and allow me to take part of the most special time of their lives. hope this streak goes on for a while.
    Way to go hun! Its nice to get compliments!!
  8. by   Honeysundun
    Way to go hun! Its nice to get compliments!!