First day on the job as L & D nurse.

  1. Busy, busy, busy.

    I saw a delivery, a full term pit induction, was doing fine, had her water broken, epidural put in, from 6cm to 10cm and delivered in less than an hour. Baby had a compound arm (that i'd never heard of that before). epidural barely had a chance to work

    then a 21 weeker 3cm dilated in for a possible cerclage.

    the computer charting, all the assessing, etc etc-it's so much to know! i am very excited though I learned a lot and saw alot.

    I'm officially a Labor and Delivery nurse now!
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  3. by   huladancer
    yes... it sounds like you were very busy, but it also sounds like you learned a lot. How exciting!!! Best of luck to you... L&D
  4. by   Suebee6
    Congrats!! Sounds like you were broken in well today!
  5. by   StaRNew
    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I will be in your shoes God willing by November!!!!
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WOOOHOOO nothing like hittin' the ground running!

    Good luck and keep on learning!
  7. by   new_mom2005
    Congrats to u!!!!!!!! I hope that I will be saying that in about a year
  8. by   mitchsmom
    Hi - I've been at my new L&D job for about 6 weeks... I have felt like you do pretty much every day so far & expect to for a while.

    I still have a ton to learn of course, but things are finally starting to fall into place a little bit - I'm getting to know the routine and getting to be able to take a pt and do most everything (and just get my preceptor when I'm not sure about something, which I still have plenty of questions). When things get crazy (which we have been crazy busy almost every day I've been there... like record-setting busy and we just picked up a contract for our local health dept pts), she is there to help and that will be a lot different later when I'm off orientation (will be the hardest thing, but I'm trying to learn to manage my time and pace things right).

    Yesterday I had the polar opposite of the pt you described... cytotec'd, pitted, AROM'd, no epidural ... and wasn't going anywhere with it except probably down c-section lane

    Have fun!!

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