1. Is anybody still doing their own ferns for documenting and or ruling out SROM? We have been doing it for years and now our microscope broke and they are considering not replacing it and having lab do them. Problem is that nobody in lab has any idea how to do them. What are you guys doing to r/o SROM?
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  3. by   bbnurse
    We are facing JCAHO requirements to provide competency testing on all who do ferning. Nursing has not been doing them even though the Nurse practice act would allow for it in our state. Our physicians, therefore, are the only ones who do it so that nursing does not have to keep up the competencies and all for the lab. Laboratory would prefer that this Point of Care testing (aka. waived testing) be provided by the LAB. OH, well that is ok with me. I prefer that doc come check SROM or PROM and get to the OR with the cord hanging out rather than me.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    we fern....and have annual competencies/tests that are documented that satisfy JCAHO requirements. We have two nurses interpret and document results for each fern test we do. It is THE WAY we rule in , or out, SROM, period.
  5. by   L&D.RN
    Our hosp decided that we weren't going to be able to do fern testing anymore either due to the requirements...that lasted about a month! We are now doing them again, and we are competency tested once a year. The docs were screaming, lab was screaming, and the RN's hands were tied. The hospital quickly decided that it was worth the time to test us and "fix" our microscope too! LB
  6. by   shay
    I wish we could do them. I WANT to. I have no idea why we DON'T. I detest and despise having to call some docs to fern a pt. and hate having to wait sometimes HOURS for them to come in at night and do it.
  7. by   Andrew_LandD
    We do them and I am so happy that we do.

  8. by   NurseyNursey
    We don't where I am now, but I wish we did!