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Staffing? Patients? Doctors? Oblivious Management? Equipment? Layout? Ever have it ALL become overwhelming? Ever think you cannot come back the next day? After 20 years on my unit, I left... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    that sounds like some good advive SHAY, that is basically what i have done.but it is still diffucult. I made a vow to my self never to let my self get put in that position again. where i work now we pretty much take turns with the bad ones.

    thanks for the advice.mark
  2. by   VickyRN
    Look, why do you need to find the courage to go back?? HONESTLY?? WHY??? If it's that bad....I mean bad enough to make you sob, cry, feel nauseated, and get tired just at the THOUGHT of having to return, honey, it's time to bail. I'm sorry, I just don't see the logic in staying at a hellhole, no matter HOW long you've been there.
    Haze K, life is just too short to live under such constant stress and strain. Some units are like the frog in the water--slowly upping the temp until you're constantly on "boil." If there is no joy in your workplace anymore, I say it is time to search for something else--a place in which you can practice as that wonderfully competent nurse you are. It takes a whole lot of courage to start over. Take some time off, search around. You just may be pleasantly suprised at what you find:kiss
  3. by   Angel Baby
    Ever heard the saying: People prefer a known hell to an unknown paradise?

    Most humans are so afraid of change that they're willing to put up with reprehensible conditions (I think this is even truer for nurses--we always think we can fix things).

    Write down the things you like and distinctly dislike about your current situation (separate the emotion) then decide which side holds more weight. If the bad outweighs the good then imagine your worst fears about changing--are those fears worse than the things you're already tolerating? If not, then go for it!!!~ Good luck
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Not me, not afraid to change an intractibly rotten and stressful situation. I have done this before....ex military, need I say more? Anyhow, hey, The shortage is too great and life is too short for me to put up with this sort of gobbledygook. I would MOVE on if it is that bad. I wish you the BEST!