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I hear alot about ladies not being allowed to attempt VBAC's at their particular hospital and wonder how common this is. All of our OB groups, the clinic that the OB residents work at, ... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    We also pit VBAC patients who are not progressing. But we tend to use IUPC in all these cases as well, to be sure we are accurate in our titration.
  2. by   mitchsmom
    No VBACs - I think we quit doing them about a year ago.
    I'm in FL and I was thinking it was pretty hard to find a VBAC facility here but I don't know how true that is (we don't have in-house anything).
    I knew someone who said she called a lot of places and couldn't find anyone who did them in our region)... anyone here doing VBACs in FL?
  3. by   tinyscrafts
    that's true Mitch's mom the VBAC hosptials are drying up fast. ICAN did a phone survery of every hospital in America. Some of those had protests from the community and have reversed their VBAC bans though.
  4. by   JAHJF
    My hospital allows them, if the primary ob (or on call doc) is in house once active labor, and we have 24hr anesthesia coverage, we have ob residents in house 24hrs to assist and we have 3 or's on our unit. However, very few of the area doc's "allow" their pt's to VBAC, they just go for the repeat c/s.
  5. by   mommy2g1b
    I think it's sad that so many hospitals don't allow VBAC. I guess I was lucky when my last was one even suggested another section, even though I had already had 2 (I had section, vaginal, section, vaginal).
  6. by   asher315
    About six months ago, we were informed that our 2 groups of OBs will not longer do them. Apparently, one last woman got in under the wire because she had a very successful VBAC last night. She and the baby did very well. She had a super OB. It is probably the last one I will witness. Shame, too.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I think it's a shame also, so many hospitals disallow VBAC/TOLAC. We have had people drive several hours to ours because it does.

    But we can thank the insurance industry and the litigious society we all perpetrate for this. Can anyone here honestly say she would never sue, if a catastrophic event happened to her? (or her family). I have read a lot of literature lately that points out most women undergoing TOLAC really do NOT have that greater a chance (statistically) to rupture their uteri than ones who have never undergone previous c/section. But that does not sway many doctors/insurance carriers' favorably toward allowing VBAC. Too bad.

    Anyhow in a lawsuit-happy society and hospitals where insurance agencies have the final say,I sadly, rest my case.
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  8. by   mitchsmom
    ...and it also doesn't help when some docs are quick to cut primips
    ...we have one that is so bad (and no pts question him; of course none of our docs walk in the room like there is ever an option for anything except what they are telling them anyway)... I should look in our birth book to see what his c/s rate is... but not sure if I want to...
  9. by   eden
    Yes we do VBAC's though it depends on the situation where they will deliver high or low risk side of the unit). We do them rather sucessfully IMO. We montior them very closely and when it's apparent it won't work or is too complicated most mom's are ok with a repeat section if it is their best interest.
  10. by   flytern
    Hospital outside Chicago: Hospital itself allows VBACs with MD and anesthesia in house. However, most of our OB's don't because of insurance problems. Have been told that they aren't covered anymore for doing VBACs. What a shame for the patients.