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OK all, you have welcomed me so nicely, but now I need your help. I am writing this to vent and ask for any and all help with my dilema. I started this week as a new grad in L&D. I really like... Read More

  1. by   Dayray
    I'd look for somthing new while in their classroom orentaion, might as well get paid while you look around
  2. by   acuteobrn
    Thanks guys I really needed to hear that I am on the right track. :kiss

    All of your statement are so much welcomed and appreciated.
    Zinnia: I agree that they need more staff, but you are right, how the heck are they going to orient me in the hallway??? I was also originally told that I would have a primary preceptor and follow her schedule, um nurse educator told me I would have various orientors, and I myself would be precepting people in about a year!!! Well of course if I have only been off orientation for six months by that time, how confident and comptent would I be? L&D is an ongoing education, things change and if I don't even have the basics and some advanced knowledge what could I be teaching new employees?? Not much, so what are they going to teach me?

    Luvbug: Well, I would love to say that these are all rumors, but they are facts. My interview was conducted by the nurse manager and charge nurses for L&D and NICU so my original information was "reliable" right? The rest I have been finding out is actually part of my orientation from the nurse educator. From her mouth to my ears. So I would take that as reliable. Plus, I tend to be quite observant and my observations of a delivery in the hall, that look and feel of the unit was appauling. By the way did I tell you that I was initially refused a tour when I was hired??? My disallusioned self was so overwhelmed that the big red flag was ignored. A mistake not to be repeated. So I will give it at least through July and then this Forest will be running fast.

    Cindylouwho: So sorry to hear that this continued for you for such a long and no doubt acomplished career. That is too bad. But it says alot about charecter and commitment to the profession of nursing. I called the nurse manager at the city hospital, and left a messege for her to call me, I want to ensure some employment when I run from this place. She by the way, gave me a tour spent over two hours interviewing me finding out my experiences and knowledge base and was totally honest. Even telling me that this inner city L&D was not all rosey, staff disagrees, argues, docs sometimes are not all there intelecutally, so nurses really have to stand up to them. Also has 24 hour coverage everything (anesthesia, neo and ob, the other place did not). Honest that there will be some crap to put up with, but the nurses have been there years, most have their RNC, some are ultrasound certified all have ACLS and NALS, you will never do a delivery alone. Monthly educational lunches from a near by med school. Education is paid for and encouraged. She said all this sitting there in her small office with her scurbs on and had to end the interview becuase she had to go cover some breaks. WOW did I screw up and pick the rotten apple!!!!

    This last week I have felt, lost, confused, belittled, betrayed, and sick to my stomach that I didn't take the city job. I spoke with my old manager and mentor, she had the same questions and offered the same advice. I called my nurse manager at this "hospital" and left a msg that I would like to speak with her on Tues. I plan to be honest and upfront, something that they were unable to do with me. Honestly, if I heard the real deal in the interview or in a post interview meeting, I would have appreciated their candid statements. I would have had some sort of respect for them, BUT they out right mislead me. So, I will organize my thoughts, cuz I am still steamed about this and I will let them know I am willing to give it a second chance and see what changes they have to offer. This should buy me time. I will in a way get what I need from this place$ and run. Kinda scandalus I know, but even on the advice of my mentor, it will show that I have integrety, guts and am willing to stand up and make a change. I think it also shows that I can't be run out by some snot nosed chick who's mommy is in managment. I worked in a hospital setting for over 7years now, I know that this is not how it should be. I also know what goes around comes around.

    Anyways, I know I have had a lot to say and want to thank you guys for taking the time to read my drama and give some encouragement and welcomed advice!

    You all are my cyber :angel2:
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    Okay woman, you have got to tell us all what happened with the meeting with the nurse manager? What did you say? Did you call them on their "bait and switch" tactics or what? Did ya ever hear back from that hospital in the city? Come on girl, inquiring minds want to know!