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A neighbor of mine was pregnant and due April 10th. She went in on Saturday with contractions. The contractions stopped after she arrived at the hospital. The doctor told her if she did not deliver... Read More

  1. by   THE_L&d_NURSE
    Originally posted by ShandyLynnRN
    Pulling on the cord can actually cause the cord to separate from the placenta, causing hemorrhage, OR cause the placenta to come out NOT intact, with retained placenta products left in the uterus leading to hemorrhage and possible need for D&C.

    One weird thing I have seen, actually happened TWICE in one week. The doc was not pulling on the cord at all, but as the baby delivered, the cord was SO short that it literally broke!! The doc had to hurry and clamp the cord! the second was a cord that was so small and friable that it TORE as the doc was trying to put the hemostats on... he had to tie the thing because every time he tried to clamp it it tore more.
    i have seen the same thing a few times, especially the small friable cords. and like i said before have seen a doc in a hurry pull the cord till it broke off. have also seen one invert the uterus pulling on the cord!
  2. by   GailWHNP
    I've seen only one doctor pull on the cord, and out came the cord, placenta, and some of the inverted uterus.
  3. by   AmyLiz
    This actually happened to me when I gave birth to my daughter (13.5 years ago) It hurt like a sunnovagun, lemme tell ya. The doc did the same thing, wrapped the cord around his hand & yanked. Lemme tell ya...I could feel it rip out. I didn't know any better...I was 19.5 y/o & single. My mom & my best friend were there...mom didn't see it - she was w/ the baby. But my friend saw it & her eyes about popped out of her head. I did bleed through the night, but it wasn't as bad as your story.
  4. by   Rissi-Roo
    I have seen many dos do this ... There is one in specifically that will WRAP the cord around a pair of Kellys to get a better grip.... I have seen 2 times where the cord snapped at the placenta and we had to do a stat d &c . Both times they were residents.... The doc useing the Kelly's always had good luck .... Knock on wood
  5. by   HazeK
    Pulling on a cord?
    a BIG NO, NO!

    cord detachment, hemorrhage, retained placenta, inverted uterus....
    nooooooooooooooo thank you very much!!!!

    Sounds to me like it would be time for an occurance report!

  6. by   canoehead
    Absolutely have seen broken cords and one inverted uterus because they wanted to rush things along. One doc manually dilated the cervix from 6 to 10 cm (as mother screamed) to speed labor. I've also seen a doc deliver a limp baby and forget to clamp and cut the cord, so when he turned towards the warmer it broke and blood splashed everywhere (duh!)
  7. by   Jellen
    our docs in the group all apply traction to the cord, but they put a big hold on it if they see signs of ripping or friability. i have had 2 babies recently where the cords looked ulcerated where the clamps were, they just looked unhealthy. On one we ended up tying it in place, it couldn't tolerate a clamp.
  8. by   judy ann
    In 37 years --yes 37, years -- of labor and delivery, I have only known one "doctor" who used this type of placental delivery. He usually got lucky. When he didn't there always seemed to be a qualified OB around to bail him out. After a while, they would disappear when they knew he had a delivery. The funny thing is, this butcher is widely known for his "natural" deliveries. He no longer practices.
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    I certainly have seen this done, although it was usually after the placenta had not been expelled in quite awhile. Report away...The doc will manufacture an explanation if pressed. This is done infrequently but it is most certainly done....
  10. by   ulianka
    Docs in Russia do it ALL THE TIME. It seems to be a normal, usual practice there. Mortality rate is sooo high :-(
  11. by   xantha31669
    Wow, I just found this thread, but I saw a Dr do this in my OB clinicals. My instructor was appalled. She did it to a young (16)single girl who was alone. It almost she was teaching her a lesson. i found out after that this dr does this alot because she is in a hurry. She was part of the group I started out with when I was pregnant but switched because I got a bad vibe, I guess I was right.
  12. by   Mrs.B
    WHY WHY WHY??? do docs do this??? Is there any medical reason for it? Please OB nurses tell me...

    I think I'd pop my OB in the n-ts if he did that to me!

    BTW, I'm 7 mos pg and a tad hormonal at the moment....
  13. by   Dave ARNP
    Perhaps if the placenta was partially abrupted you could be justified in doing this... but..... dang...

    I'm with Mrs. B. Castration city for this dude! And I'm a man!

    David Adams, ARNP
    -ACNP, FNP