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  1. I "retired" from nursing almost 6 years ago when my twins were born. I am now finished having children, 5 total now, and am looking to go back into nursing part-time. I had always intended on being a NICU nurse, but after graduation could only find a job in CVICU, which I did for 2 years and learned alot, but I did not love it. I did a 5 month internship in NICU my last semester of school and it was the best time I have ever had at a job. I would like to go back and do something I love. I think Mother-baby would be a great fit for me. My question is, is there any training, courses, or books anyone would recommend before going back to look more attractive to employers. There was no nursing shortage when I wss practicing, so I am unsure how willing they are to hire someone without alot of experience (unless you count real-world experience!)

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    Do you feel you would need to update your skills? I know that several of the big hospitals here have refresher courses? You may not even need that. Most hospitals have such good orientation programs now. Call a recruiter and ask them? Good luck and good for you for going back.

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    I thought this looked familiar :chuckle
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    Thanks for the replies. My license has been reactivated. There are no course requirements here in Illinois. I do not necessarily feel I need to update my skills, I just thought that it may look good to a recruiter that I have taken steps to get back into the swing of things. I feel much more prepared now to do maternal-child nursing than I did coming out of nursing school, mostly because I have had 5 kids now. They teach you alot!
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    start w/mother-baby, if you wish. THEN take a few classes on fetal monitoring and such will be good to go in NO time flat.
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