Co-sleeping policy

  1. I've been assigned the task of writing a hospital policy on co-sleeping to go along with our breastfeeding policy. Thought I'd come here first to get some ideas of what your policies look like. You know, rather than reinvent the wheel.
    Do your hospitals have a policy? We don't currently have one but a lot of our moms keep babe in bed with them. TIA

    NOTE: I'm NOT interested in starting a co-sleeping/family bed/crib/formula/breast/any other flame war.

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  3. by   Cheerio
    Our hospital has no policy as far as I know. Many of my clients sleep with the babies in their bed and never have I heard that a nurse or Dr has asked them to return the baby to the isolette.
    Good question, I'll ask next time I'm in.
  4. by   fergus51
    We let them do what they want. As far as I know a mother has neevr smothered her baby here. Did you want a policy against co bedding or for it?
  5. by   emily_mom
    We let them do as they wish also, but make them sign a waiver. It just explains the risks and that the hospital isn't responsible should anything happen. If I still worked there, I would send you a copy. If you want one, maybe I could snag one....

  6. by   anitame
    I'm trying to write a policy in favor of co-sleeping. A lot of our parents do it anyway. We just "need" to write a policy. Thanks for offering Kristy, I *think* I can roust up a policy example from the perinatal listserv I'm on.
    Does anyone's policy discourage co-sleeping? Just curious , trying to get all perspectives here.
  7. by   CTRN1
    We dont have an actual policy at our place, however we try to discourage moms from sleeping with their babies in bed with them. Unfortunately, we have had more then one baby end up on the floor from this situation. However there are still those who sleep with their babies, we just let them know they are responsible if anything happens.
  8. by   fergus51
    On the floor?! We keep siderails up and they are covered so that can't happen. Should maybe put that into a policy
  9. by   peggywi_RN
    i work in a peds unit and we have the parents sign a release of responsibility form because our policy states that all children 2 and under need to be in a crib..and then the responsibility is up to the parents if the child should fall off the cot..although to my knowledge not one child has fallen off the bed!!!
  10. by   CTRN1
    Yup, even with siderails up at all times it has happened, although we could not figure out how. Either baby is a mini houdini or moms are not the most diligent in the world. Either way, its why we discourage it.
  11. by   NicuGal
    In our hospital babies are not allowed to be with sleeping mothers. We had 2 babies nearly suffocate, one ended up in our unit in pretty bad shape. It doesn't take long.

    Also, we have in our discharge folders a paper that discourages babies from sleeping with parents (preemies). I can tell you in the past year we have had 4 deaths from parents sleeping with them and the baby gets wedged up by mom or somehow is placed on the belly on the bed and dies.

    Also, a parent sitting in a chair and begins to doze is not allowed to hold the baby, it goes back to bed.

    In the sue happy society we live in, you can't be too careful!
  12. by   cindyln
    We let the moms sleep with the baby in bed with them if they want.Sometimes this is the only way they get any sleep.I only know of one older nurse that has a problem with this. So far nothing bad has happened
  13. by   CMTMom
    THE major co-sleeping no-no is co-sleeping when under the influence of ANY drugs - this includes pain meds and as such ought to exclude most PP moms, shouldn't it? No one, not even the oft-touted co-sleeping guru Dr. Sears, advocates co-sleeping when under the influence of mind- or reflex- or awareness-numbing drugs.

    I'm all for co-sleeping if that's what the parents want to do but in the hospital? I'm not really sure it's such a good idea for the hosp to have a pro-cosleeping policy. JMO
  14. by   parker in arkie
    The hospital that I work at does not have a co-sleeping policy. I had no drugs or interventions with my youngest two and the babies both roomed in with me and my husband for the time we spent at the hospital.

    After the 3rd time, a nurse came in and chastised me for having my child in my arms as I dozed or my husband having our child asleep on his chest, they gave up.