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Does anyone have a reference for using cholostrum or breastmilk in place of antibiotic ointment? I know I have heard of it and read about it. But all I can find now is for eye infections. Nothing... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    If you read my post, you see not every newborn is checked---only those who are at risk or have symptoms. That is FAR from every newborn.
  2. by   L&D_RN_OH
    Quote from lgowan
    In our unit, we will check if jittery, LGA, or SGA (according to Dubowitz). If below 40, we recheck a lab glucose. A sugar is done an hour later, and then 2 more times just before feedings.
    Same here, plus mec stained babies.
  3. by   midwife sarah
    Had a look on MIDIRS search engine to search for articles related to midwifery and I couldnt find any article re. use of breastmilk/colostrum for eye infections. In UK its seems to be commonly given advice and seems to work a treat.
  4. by   SnowymtnRN
    WOW. I tell you, i think i'd have to come down like a ton of bricks on that nurse. I don't understand nurses who feel like when a baby is born, the baby is THEIRS to dictate care to and how to manage things. She basically badgered and bullied these parents, and this takes away from their birth experience.

    I'm thinking jumbled here. But for those who reply a bottle isn't the end of the world, one bottle won't hurt, etc...why is it that we feel as nurses the FIRST thing we have to do is stick a bottle in the babies mouth? I mean this mom should have been given the CHANCE to bf first, then recheck the sugar, and if still low then obviousely intervene. I am one of those mothers who refused formula unless it was medically necessary, and in the event of a feeding was needed it should be done via syringe/cup method ONLY and by me or my DH. This is this couple's child, not the hospitals, not the nurses and if there was no emminent danger WHY was this nurse so hell bent on doing things herself and her way? If i were that couple, i'd write everything up and report her to the unit manager and hospital board. Seriousely. Just because WE think as nurses one bottle or formula feeding won't hurt doesn't mean that's how the parents feel. And its not OUR baby to make those judgements. Obviousely if something were going wrong, was the baby symptomatic with a borderline BG, etc...then intervention was necessary. Honestly it sounds like this couple's plans for their birth experience (no matter how different, odd or unconventional it was) was ruined. And was it a big deal to hold off on the bath? my lord no. I mean its a BATH. It won't hurt to wait until the parents bonded, or maybe the parents wanted to do it!!!!!! What's the big deal??

    I have 3 kids, and all 3 of my kids didn't get the eye ointment tx. I refused it because a. they were c/s babies
    b. i had no diseases or infections
    c. my DH and i are monogomous so the risk of STD's and transmission was NIL.

    So why was it necessary? it wasn't. I've also used breastmilk on NUMEROUS occassions. For eyes to heal any ickies going on, to lubricate and for comfort with blocked tear ducts.....i used it on my second son's umbilical stump cuz it got wet and oozy and wasn't healing DH fell down had a HUGE scrape on his leg so i got some pumped milk after he tried to get it to heal for 2 weeks and it was VERY much breast milk healed it in 2 days. Completely NO scars or anything. Breast milk should be used for EVERYTHING! I gave some to my friend when her child (10 mths old i think) couldn't get rid of an ear infection. Breast milk healed it in about 3 days, COMPLETELY. I firmly believe use breast milk before ANYTHING!!!!! IT'll heal it!!

    Seriousely, i'd tell that nurse to get OVER herself, she's bullying the patients!!!!!
  5. by   L&D_RN_OH
    Quote from SnowymtnRN
    If i were that couple, i'd write everything up and report her to the unit manager and hospital board.
    I talked to one of the midwives the other day. They are writing it all up. I'm not sure who all they are sending it to though. I was glad to hear they are following up with it though. Change won't be made if no one believes there is a problem.