Betamethasone question.

  1. What is the cut off for administration? I say 34 weeks, but a co worker says 32 because that's when the lungs are mature. Let's say it's a singleton pregnancy that's an appropriate size, for arguments sake.
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  3. by   moz
    Not sure, but we've given it to 34 weekers.
  4. by   kennedyj
    Technically the approved timeline is 24 to 34 weeks. Probably due to the high costs of NICU stays and the facts that the risks involved with Betamethasone administration outweigh the risks of administration. Basically lets say if you have a patient with nonreassuring dates who is 34 weeks and it really 30 or 32 weeks with lung immaturity you could be questioned for not just giving the betameth. Other factors include twins, IUGR, low maternal weight gain, low abd measurements. If these occur there would be a greater consideration for betameth. If on the other hand if there is a 34 week woman who comes in with SROM of unknown time and chorio probably wouldn't be a good idea to run the betameth.

    I knew a patient who was 33 4/7 wkr. Was on mag x 2 days and was dilated 4 cm. She was finally sent down to postpartum for monitoring and was completely dilated 2 hrs later. Makes you wanna reach out and slap someone.