AROM- do you do it? - page 2

ok got another question. do nurses in your area perform artifical rupture of membranes? I was told in some states that RN's properly trained are allowed to do them. trying to find what... Read More

  1. by   Q.
    Nurses in Wisconsin don't either.
  2. by   rdhdnrs
    Not us either, thank goodness!!!
  3. by   finallyRN
    california nurses do not AROM..
  4. by   nicu nite nurse
    No arom at the Jersey shore either !!! Get that doctor up and on the unit, he is getting the big bucks, he might as well get the "glory" too....
  5. by   moz
    Not in Arkansas, but I think Missouri is a yes...
  6. by   kcrnsue
    In washington you can arom, in idaho you can only if it is for the purpose of placing a scalp electrode, and only then if you are specially trained.
  7. by   just1rn
    Not in Scope of Practice for the State of North Carolina
  8. by   SCB
    It's o.k. with the California nursing board, but up to hospitals if they let the RN AROM. I do AROM and I have the training. Never AROM with out an order. The fetal head must be fully engaged to keep a cord from prolapsing, and at least 3cm of cervical dilation.