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In years' past, we were encouraged to get flu shots. This year it is mandatory. I never got them before because the only time I did I was feverish and sick for a couple of days afterward. I have... Read More

  1. by   Pompom
    My employer offers the flu shot if you want it, they encourage it but it is not mandatory.
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from lizz
    Here we go with ignorance about the flu shot again ... so much for educated healthcare professionals ... not.

    Yes ... I got a nasty cold right after the flu shot. Is it because of the flu shot. NO. 'Tis the season to get sick ... everybody has the same cold I have.

    The flu shot can't cause nor can it do anything about the common cold. I know better than to blame it on that.

    I tell ya ... it's very discouraging to read these posts. It's shocking that nurses would actually spread such myths.

    Thanks Lizz . . .

    As to whether people could have the same symptoms and it NOT be coincidence and rather the result of the flu shot . . . how many times have you gotten a cold and your whole family ends up with it in short order? Two or more of your kids wake up with a sore throat? Your co-workers have the same cold symptoms? How fast does as stomach virus make it's way though a LTC facility or even a family?

    As to a sore shoulder, I think that it is technique . . . I've had shots from folks that I never even feel and others that feel like they've gone through to my underarm. Sorta like when you have to have blood drawn . . some techs have such great technique that you barely feel it and others jab that darn needle in so hard it feels like it ended up in your elbow. How tense your muscle is makes a difference too. How long a needle makes a difference.

  3. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from JaneyW
    In years' past, we were encouraged to get flu shots. This year it is mandatory. I never got them before because the only time I did I was feverish and sick for a couple of days afterward. I have only gotten the real flu 1 time in the past 20 years! So, yesterday I dutifully went for my flu shot and here I am with a fever and feeling sore and miserable. And, yes, they expect me to go to work tomorrow. Hopefully the fever will be gone. I HATE flu shots!!!:angryfire
    Mandatory? You are not in the armed forces. I do not think they can force you to get a flu shot. What will happen if you say no???
    I have been getting the flu shot for many years, however I got one this year, and felt semi-sick.
  4. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from ERNP
    I would be eating egg salad and telling them I am allergic to eggs.
  5. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from stevielynn
    3 whole days after receiving the shot, you picked up a stomach virus or you got food poisoning. It was merely a coincidence.

    As to the mandatory nature - I think that if you work with the elderly in LTC or in an NICU, it should be mandatory.

    Sorry to say this, "It's my body and I'm gonna to what I want with it, what I want with it" Needless to say. I work in LTC, do we tell the families that visit, they need to get the flu shot also?? I have gotten the flu shot for years. Never had a problem till this year. Was sluggish and achy for a week. OH, I rember a family member and all the kids came to visit, they had a cold!! My point is, good handwashing. :wink2: :wink2:
  6. by   huskersfan
    Where I work they used to make it mandatory for the shot and you had to have a doctors note why you couldn't/wouldn't take it. Last year they highly encouraged it, but if you took it, they made us pay an injection fee of $7.50 . I haven't decided yet if I am getting it or not this year.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Our hospital gives them for free and they are not mandatory.

    I haven't had one yet . . . . . but we started getting them this week on Monday and I woke up Tuesday morning with a sore throat . . . if I had gotten that shot on Monday boy would I have thought I got my sore throat from the flu shot?

    Actually, my whole family now has sore throats and my 5 year old is coughing . . . . . I'm sure it was simply a virus one of us picked up.

    One of the grocery stores in which I shop has a canister of antibiotic wipes at the door so you can wipe off the handle of the shopping cart. I also carry antibiotic gel.

    Still, I got sick.

  8. by   neneRN
    I know the injection is a dead virus, I know the flu shot doesn't make you sick, yada yada yada... but I also know that the only time I have been sick (more than a runny nose or little cough) in the past 15 years is the one year that I did get the flu shot; about a week and a half after the injection, I was the sickest I've probably ever been in my life...so horrible...maybe a coincidence, probably a coincidence, who cares..not chancing it again- I will not get another flu shot, will stick to handwashing.
  9. by   secchnce
    I had guellain barre syndrome, I am not allowed to take a flu shot. I have never had my children get a flu shot either.
  10. by   njmonsterboi80
    At my hospital there's a mandatory education to fill out about flu shots, since we give them as well. They required everyone to go downstairs to fill it out at the flu shot clinic and then sign for receiving the flu shot, or a form refusing it. Basically it was mandatory that if we refuse it, we fill out a form saying so. I don't even think half of my unit went down for the "mandatory education", we have nursing to do after all and don't get a whole lot of extra time.

    Oh, and I did pick up some kind of rhinovirus afterwards but I suppose its better than influenza.

    Psych RN NJ

    Quote from BSNtobe2009
    Can a hospital require you to take a flu shot legally? That doesn't seem right.

    Vaccinations, I can understand, but a flu shot?
  11. by   RN BSN 2009
    My mom says every time she gets a flu shot she gets bronchitis ?
  12. by   Question
    No flu shot for me unless something major happens to my immune system.

    I would quit my job before I would let the government force me to take it. Many people argue that the flu shot can not cause the flu 'which is true' but it can cause your immune systems to be lowered enough to get the flu. Not to mention the preservatives, additives contained within plus it is injected into your blood stream which is not the natural way someone would get the flu..

    OTC recommendations? They kill around 16,000 people each year.


  13. by   jeffrey_rn
    Mandatory flu-shots will go the way of the dinosaurs as soon as the mandating agency gets sued when an employee becomes permanently paralyzed or dies. It's rare but it does happen.

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