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OB epiphany

So, I just recently started in OB... I am almost in tears because for years I have been searching for my nitch in nursing.. I have been through ER, GI, med/surg... none of which felt right and now that I have made a move to a different state and OB(of which I HATED in nursing school) i feel like i have found just what I am looking for. You still use most of your skills... and most of all, you get to care for people. And I know, when things go bad, they go bad.. but thats whats good... You get to be there for your patients. Its great. Just wanted to share this epiphany with the world. :yeah::yeah:


How wonderful for you that you found your calling!


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i agree with you, ob is fun but also hard. you need to be able to advocate for your two patient (one seen, the other unseen); you have to critically think and you have to be able to be accountable for all your actions.

as for the skills, you are also correct. ob gives you the opportunity to practice all the skills you learned in nursing school. think about it, you get to use your med/surg skills, your psych skills, your peds skills, your therapeutic communication skills, and even your phlebotomy skills. in addition, you acquire new skills such as fetal monitoring and operating room scrubbing and circulating; and pacu recovering.

congrats katie! i hope that you will have awesome experiences. welcome to the world of ob nursing! it is the best!!!


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I have had and still do have many nursing roles. But of all the things I do, helping a woman give birth is still the most fulfilling.

I had my OB ephinany about 4 months before I graduated from nursing school. I started school thinking I would wanted to do anything BUT OB nursing.


YEAH!!! I am sooo happy for you! I also feel that OB is my calling. That is why I went back to school to be a midwife. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I graduated from nursing school in Alaska, and moved my family down here (5 kids) to take a job 2500 miles away because they had an incredible OB internship (2006), and they were high volume/high risk. All my fellow nursing students said I wouldn't get OB right out of school, they were wrong and I have had no regrets. I love it!! Good for you!! :heartbeat


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