NYU or Hunter for PMHNP?


Torn over which I should choose.. 

Hunter pros:
- tuition $41,000 for NP degree 
- Good name in state but not out of state 

Hunter cons: 
- Not sure if they will find preceptor for me. Inquired and the response was "Students are encouraged to actively find their placements and preceptors.  I have noticed that School of Nursing (SON) do help students who have not found any placements yet". Does this mean I won't be guaranteed a preceptor?
- 3 years to complete FT

NYU pros:
- Good name worldwide 
- Apparently only 3% of applicants were admitted; exclusivity(?) which can benefit when I open a practice(?)
- Has psychedelic research center.. a field I'm most interested in 
- Guarantees preceptor 
- 2 years to complete FT 

NYU cons: 
- tuition $132,000 for NP degree 

Id like to go to NYU except money is a pressing factor as I am the current breadwinner for 3 people; my husband and my elderly parents who have no retirement savings. If I go to NYU then in 3 years, I'll have $150,000 (still have 20k debt from undergrad) student debt and my husband has another $100,000 debt from school but we will both be graduated and earning at least $200,000 joint. Still though, that is an extreme amount of debt. Another option is to go Hunter and get an advanced certificate after graduating so I can still get the NYU or Johns Hopkins name but I don't know how impactful certificates are

Specializes in Psychiatric. Has 31 years experience.

Hi.  I'm also interested in PMHNP and I selected Maryville University in St. Louis, MO, after doing several months' research and talking to 5 other schools.  I live in MO but tuition is the same.  Approx $40k but that includes finishing up my BSN before applying to the MSN/PMHNP program.  I'm not the primary breadwinner in my family; my husband makes well over 6 figures so some of my costs will come from student loans and out of my own pocket.  I went to PRN at my current job and only work 3 shifts per MONTH.  So I can attend school full-time and graduate a little sooner.  

I can tell you that the 5 schools I interviewed, most of them said I was responsible for securing my own preceptors; it seems commonplace with the online schools.  If you live near their B&M campuses, though, then they do seem to help more with finding you what you need to meet their requirements.  Maryville has a team that will help me scope out and send necessary paperwork and records/permissions to help me secure my preceptors, but it is ultimately my responsibility.  However, I've already spoken to medical directors at a couple clinics and hospitals and they stated they have been preceptors for others and to just come talk to them closer to time to start my clinicals.  

In my state, I am unable to start a private practice;  I'm required to always work under a physician, so which school I attend does not matter so much to me for prestige.  I chose Maryville ultimately because they have a 97% first time board taker pass rate.  And the cost was a bit less than other colleges I spoke with.  And I can travel to their B&M and actually attend my graduation ceremonies.  It will only take 4 hours to drive there.  They do also require more clinical hours than most of the others but I actually prefer that; I'm a very hands-on learner so I liked that I would have more time out in the field, so to speak, to see many varied conditions/illnesses and get as much experience as possible.  

So there is my 2 cents.  The factors I considered when choosing my university.  Best of luck to both you and me!  🙂