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NYS Licensing Process for LPN


Hey guys. I have a question about NY's licensing process for LPNs. So, I took the NCLEX on June 16th, got my unofficial results on June 18th via Pearson Vue quick results (paid $8) and fortunately passed the test. (YAY!)

So now, I have a few employers wanting to hire me but I don't have my license yet so they're unable to process me with the paperwork. I've been checking on NYS office of professions website (license verification) but my name isn't listed yet. I know I'm probably just being impatient LOL and it's not even 2 weeks yet but what could possibly go wrong with the processing? Can you technically work as a LPN while you wait for your license? Is proof of passing the NCLEX enough to show to your employer? And with Covid-19 going on, NY OP is probably very busy. Is anyone having the same issue?

I'm just excited to work as a nurse at this point so I could get a head start and not break my back anymore working as a CNA LOL.

I passed my NCLEX around end of July and had an active license around August 1st. However I had to wait for my physical license because that's what the jobs preferred. I wanna say I got my temporary license in maybe 2 weeks or so. All I remember clearly was that I was working 2 weeks after passing NCLEX. I think it took 6 weeks to get my permanent license. Some places will let you work with your temporary license. And others will prefer a permanent license. I've found the more reputable places will want a permanent license.

Also for some weird reason my license and registration did not come together.