Does anybody know how fast that they could schedule a date for the NCLEX-RN after the conferral (grad date) from EC college?? NY requires a transcript post grad. Thank you!

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Depends on how fast you get your ATT, and when test centers local to you have openings for testing. Totally variable.

Apply to NY as soon as you have completed your last requirement. EC will send them everything they need on your graduation date and you'll have your ATT within a week.


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I sent my stuff to the BON the day that I passed the CPNE (2-22-2009). All fees are paid. Just awaiting the April 17th Grad date and my ATT. Been studying for 2 months now for NCLEX-RN. Just want it done!!! A new job awaits!

Does anybody know.......Do they fax the stuff to the BON? Or is it sent by mail?

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