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NYP Pharmacology Exam

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17 minutes ago, Niki said:

Hi everyone,

I  recently  accepted a job at NYP and need to take Their Pharmacology test. I was told over the phone that no study guide will be provided. Does anyone still have their study guid from when they took the test, if so could you please email it to me. And if anyone has any helpful tips, please share.


Thank you

Just took this week and got a 98% just follow the rn.com study guide posted in this chat and do a few quizlests under the nyp pharm folder. If u just follow the study guide in this chat u will be absolutely fine

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Hi everyone! 

I know this thread goes way back so I figured someone could help me! 

I’m scheduled next week to take the adult pharmacology exam, ekg exam, and the bkat. Does anyone have a study guide or any tips/advice? Most people I know only took the pharm exam and not the ekg or bkat. What happens if you don’t do well? 

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I know this is an old post, but I too just received an offer form NYP and am trying to schedule everything ASAP to get the onboarding process going. Was there any specific quizlet links that closely resembled the exam. Going to review the study guide you ladies mentioned on RN.com

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