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NYP Interview "Day"?


Has anyone every participated in an interview "day" at NewYork-Presbyterian? I am pretty sure that there will be group panel interviews and group activities, but just a little nervous as I've never interviewed with a group before.

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@sac06019 hey just wondering if you could give me any details about how the event went for you?? i know it has been awhile but i would really appreciate it as I have been invited to an interview day as well

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@shadowness @RN4008 What was your interview day/event experience? I have an interview next Monday as part of the interview day. I am curious as to who will be there and if I will be part of a group questioning the entire time? I want to be somewhat prepared as to what I am walking into. Thanks in advance for reading this post! : )

I would like to ask how do you get invited? Is there an application online? Are there certain dates that there are postings about this or are there events that are posted somewhere? Graduation is drawing near and I dont even know where to start, but I think I need to start looking into these things soon.