NYP Hiring Process Post-References


Here's a timeline of the past month 

October 3 - Getting to know you assessment 

October 5 - Interview with recruiter and hiring manager, PCD and nurse clinician 

October 7 - Email about references were sent to me and I submitted all my references 1 hour after receiving

October 9 - All my references completed their surveys 

October 18 - Reached out to recruiter about an update but told me that she told her colleague to update me about the outcome. Haven't heard from this colleague at all

I've been extremely anxious/on edge for the past few weeks since the references and I'm dying to know whether or not I got the job. Online, my application still says assessment/references. I don't know what else I can do besides continue to wait for a response. My friend got an offer at a different NYP campus a day after his references submitted surveys. I know someone else at the same campus who interviewed the same day as I did and they already got hired. 


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