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I signed up to start taking the pre-reqs for the RN degree at NVCC. I recently learned that iNOVA hospitals do not hire people with only an Associates RN. I am very dissapointed in this news as I want to work in a hospital setting. Does anyone know if this is true and why?

I have a marketing degree from VT so I think I am going to try to switch over to the accelerated BSN program at GMU. The info session is not until Nov 18th, but I can start registering for pre-reqs at NVCC starting Nov. 15th. Does anyone know the classes that are transferrable from NVCC to GMU??

thank you.

I can't tell you anything about the GMU program, but what you said about INOVA is true. INOVA achieved Magnet status a few years ago. BSN and MSN prepared nurses are essential to achieving and keeping Magnet status so most, if not all, Magnet hospitals will only hire BSN prepared nurses.

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I was hired by Inova as an ADN RN, at one of their Magnet facilities no less, in 2008. Many of the job descriptions on the inova.org site have "Graduate of an accredited school of nursing" as the education requirement, with "Associates Degree" as the minimum. So yes, ADN RNs are qualified for employment. However, there are very (very very) few RN 1/new grad positions right now -- most are RN 2, which typically means a year of experience. Hopefully by the time you finish, things will be turning around as far as new grads and employment goes -- it's rough out there.

I work at a magnet hospital in the DC area and am a "ADN" And I know of other ADN's hired at MANY of the INOVA hospitals last yr and this yr!!

I'm a nursing student at NVCC and just wanted to point out that Inova would not offer a nursing scholarship (The Carolyn R. MacLane - Inova Nursing Scholarship) to ADN students if they weren't willing to hire ADN RNs. It requires a one-year commitment to work at Inova.

GMU has a Transfer Credit Search Engine that you might find helpful: George Mason University Office of Admissions

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