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Nutrition Study Help

Anyone have any study tips for Nutrition. I have an exam on Carbs, Fats and Proteins coming up. I know it's not the hardest subject but for some reason I am having trouble memorizing this info. Any tips or study guides anyone would like ot share would be greatly appreciated.



Nutrition was my favorite class...

The book was BORING! So, I looked up some information online to help me understand things better.

I use notecards to memorize facts. Fill in the blank, multiple choice, T/F... you'd be suprised how much you remember when you are done with that! Also, I used foods to remind myself of facts... for example, when I wanted to remember something about trans-fats, I thought of Oreos (since Oreos have trans-fat in them)... it sounds weird, but at the test when I freaked out... the food reminders seemed to stick with me.

Good Luck

kellyo, LPN

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W/fats, I just remembered thinking that sitting on the beach under a PALM tree, eating CHOCOLATE and drinking pina coladas (COCONUT) was bad for you. These fats were terribly saturated!!!

How in depth do you have to go? We just had a test on those things last week. What things do you have to know? Fats were a bit tricky for me. Do you need to know hormones? The way I learned these things was to write an outline of the chapter and notes combined. It was boring and tedious, but I got the information down pat.

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