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Hi there!

I posted this question to the general nursing students forum as well, hoping someone can help me!

This Fall, I'm taking my first pre-req to get into nursing school. 2 of the "simpler" pre-reqs are basic inorganic chemistry and a basics of nutrition class. I figured since I'm taking my first class in TEN years (AH!!) and working full time, I would try and ease into it. Does it make sense to take the Nutrition class first? Or will I be lost if I don't have the basics of Chemistry covered. The Nutrition class has no pre-reqs, so I don't know that I'll need a bunch of chemistry knowledge.

Any advice would be appreciated!!



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I would take both classes together but I understand your situation. I would take the chemistry course first. It is always best to get the sciences out of the way. Nutrition can always be taken in another semester or even a short summer session. Some nursing programs even allow you to take nutrition along with the clincals.

Good luck.


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From the nutrition course I took years ago, I don't remember much chemistry other than knowing what the term 'water soluble' means. You'll be fine whether you choose to take one or the other or both simultaneously! Good luck!


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Nutrition and O-Chem are actually helps to know some o-chem going into nutrition especially when you guys are going over metabolism, protein synthesis, etc. but it isn't necessary. I would actually just take those two classes together since there is a lot of overlap.

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Chemistry first. It's the basis of all the biochemical reactions you'll study in nutrition.


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I took chemistry first. Nutrition will be a lot easier if you know basic chemistry.

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