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I am a new grad RN. I work at a community crisis center. Our facility has no MD. We have a staff of about 8 RN's. I am the newbie. We are primarily a Psychiatric outcare facility. Our medical system no longer admits psychotic people and so we admit and care for them on a overnight basis. Our clients are streetpeople. ETOH, drugs, felons and whoever is homeless.

My question is this; What can I do for my clients since I have no orders? Can I bandage a cut finger. Can I do blood glucose checks? Can I give my client's vitamins since they are a supplement? Does anyone know an good website that can answer these questions?


Without knowing your general area, people can't give specific answers. I would contact whatever agency has oversight functions after contacting your chain of command. Start with the medical system the clinic operates under. And you should look for some kind of policy and procedures manual on the premises.

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This would be a great question for your supervisor. Many facilities have protocols for just about everything, this protects the pt as well as the nurse.

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Each state has it's own Nurse Practice Act; other then that it's p/p of the facility itself.

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