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Hello to ALL! I work in Arizona,Mesa, Can request any NMC Nurse to have a reflective discussion with me to renew the Nursing license and vice-versa I can help them when they have to renew.Please... Read More

  1. by   GrumpyRN
    Quote from skylark
    There are a few UK nurses around in the same position but I think it would need for two nurses to be in the same specialty to make the discussion thing work.
    Don't think it is necessary to be in the same speciality. As long as the person you have the discussion with has an NMC PIN and is honest and knows what they are looking for it should be OK.

    My discussion was with my confirmer who was my manager but it was fairly obvious from the work I could show that all she had to do was agree it.
  2. by   skylark
    VKALA, you are a bit late to the party with this one, we debated it several months ago!

    I have been writing back and forth to the NMC about this and the replies I get are not consistent. It seems that the confirmer DOES have to be NMC registered, I have had conflicting answers but when I ask for clarification that is their final answer.

    When do you next go home? I plan on doing the Professional Discussion in a London pub at the next May Bank Holiday : )

    They expect the discussion to be between nurses working in the same field, although they can be in different countries. So you could discuss with a former coworker back home. Or go back and do a stint as agency and do it then.

    But offering bribes is going to get you into trouble, so just be careful.
  3. by   VKALA
    Thank you to Sky lark and Grumpy RN,
    Appreciate your comments and I take back my word of bribe/inducement,please disregard and I'm Okay as My Great Manager has helped me out.
    Thank you again.
  4. by   Rob34UK
    I am a Registered Nurse in the Community in the UK
    Ive moved with partner to the other end of the country and have not been working since May 2016. I'm looking to return to work in April of this year but I'm looking for someone to act as a confirmer for me for my Revalidation and I'm happy to do this in return. My renewal I due in March so need to get organised sharpish! If you might be interested let me know.
  5. by   VKALA
    Hello Rob,
    I can help to be a con firmer,as I just renewed my license and I know how difficult it was for me to find somebody in Arizona!In one of thread here I have given my Skype ID.Also,remember that you need 5 reflective accounts,five feedback's and some 450 hrs of practice,study hours out of which some have to be participatory.Please check the NMC website and the requirements.
  6. by   SammyWills
    Let's help eachother. We can discuss your 5 then mine and sign eachother off. I'm a British nurse living in America so it's a predicament a lot of overseas nurses are finding.
  7. by   skylark
    Where in the US are you?
    I'm in IL and I think there are a few of us dotted around the US who are battling this new NMC requirement!
  8. by   William59
    Hi there;
    I am trying to find a UK nurse working in the USA who would be willing to discuss my reflections and help validate me so I can renew my UK NMC nursing license. I would be willing to help others in the same situation. You will need to have a UK NMC pin #
    Will k
  9. by   VKALA
    Please post your email.Thank you.
  10. by   William59
  11. by   Steve_Earnshaw
    I am in the same boat. I have lived in the USA since 1993 and have lost contact with all my old nursing Pals. I live and work in East Arkansas. Is there anyone who can help with my reflective discussion? I can Skype or WhatsApp.

    Thanks Guys