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  1. Hello so I have questions on nursing and health care assistants in the UK. I am in the middle of completing my health care assistant certificate in Canada and am planning on trying for my bachelor of science in nursing in either north America or in the UK. I'd prefer to do it in north America where nursing is generalized and not split into adult and/or children like in the UK. However If gets really difficult to get into nursing, I don't mind working as a healh care assistant whilst I continue to try for bsn.

    My question is it hard to make a living as a health care assistant in the UK. I know that the pay is lower in comparison to north America but If I considered to move to the UK and work as a health care assistant (while still trying for nursing ofcourse) will I be Okay? Ultimately I would like to make a living in the UK.

    Another question I would like to ask, can I bridge from HCA to nursing in the UK? Here in Canada you can only bridge from HCA to psychiatric nursing which I think is ridiculous.

    Any advice or insight will be great. I'm looking forward to starting my life.

    One last thing I forgot to mention. My long-term boyfriend is from England and just recently moved back there. So If things go well for us, it might be easier for me to get into nursing school or get a job as a HCA If I get my British citizenship. Correct me If in wrong. Again anything will be helpful.
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    HCA in Canada may not be accepted as HCA in the UK.

    Cost of living is higher but many UK citizens can live so I am sure you could manage it. Once question I have is how do you plan on getting a permit for the UK as HCA will not do it as UK has tightened immigration in the same way Canada has tightened immigration
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    Well it depends. I might sign up for immigration but that would probably take awhile. I wanted to study nursing in the UK but there's rarely any schools that are accepting international students for the program. My other choice is my relationship. Marriage has been in the picture so If it goes well between us then...
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    Nurse training is funded by the NHS hence not many accepting International students. Study will be expensive and I am not sure if there are courses that meet government requirements as a HCA as most HCA training I have seen has been done on the job and with the changes in the UK in regards studying as well as working in the UK I expect you to find things hard. I remember reading about many UK International students suddenly finding out their study visas had suddenly been made void by UK Borders as the requirements was not being met.

    UK Borders is the immigration and covers everything from becoming a British citizen, marriage or common law to study
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    In the UK you don't need a qualification to be a HCA. You can get a job based on experience, although when I started I didn't have any experience. To be a registered nurse you have to have a degree or a diploma at least although most universities are heading towards degree courses now (In Wales, where I am from, all courses are degrees now). There's no progression from HCA to RN as far as I know without doing a degree/diploma in nursing.

    HCA pay is not brilliant - its usually around 13000 p/a starting off. Registered nurses usually start off on around 21000 p/a.

    Most of my friends worked as a HCAs through uni as bank/agency workers and we had quite a few international students on my course.

    Good luck with what ever you decide
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    Thank you for everyone's replies! I think I'll just stay in north America for now. I heard we get paid more here as HCA or RN. Plus If I decide to do RN, I will be able to study both adult and children here. If I ever end up moving to the UK let's hope that I will have my degree in nursing by then. again Thank you!
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    Considering the nhs your probably better to stay at home. I really wish hca were accountable.

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