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  1. Hi I am just wondering if someone could help me please. I have applied a Junior Sister /Band 6 position and I have to do 10 minute presentation . This is the question : As the junior sister how you support your ward manager TO ATTRACT new nurses on a busy care elderly ward and what strategies would you put in place in order to retain them . I am looking to hearing from you soon and thanks in advance .
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    Focus on the retention, I find the idea of a junior band 6 involved in recruitment a bit weird, your job should be keeping people happy.

    Factors within your control:

    Staff empowerment. The biggie. I don't know what you do on your ward but if you don't do band 5 meetings, recommend that, we have them on our ICU, its a good venting system.

    Open and supportive environment - Sell yourself as a team player and the importance of listening to staff. Talk about appraisal.

    Education and progression: Offer to deliver teaching sessions or set up an education board in the staff room. Do you have a good use of link roles on your ward? A diabetes link nurse, an osteoporosis link nurse or whatever, get your band 5s to expand their roles and responsibilities.

    Health and wellbeing - Theres a ton of evidence on health promotion and mental wellbeing and staff retention/sickness, its not my bag but you could see about looking in to all that cooky stuff.

    Biscuits, tell them you'll buy biscuits every day, thats the real key to staff retention. (This is not sarcasm, but maybe don't mention biscuits)

    As to recruitment, I don't know many people who want to work on a busy elderly care ward so I don't know how you recruit to that particular ward ><


    On a side note, I've mentioned before. Go and speak to your Director or associate director of nursing! Go and speak to any high up specialists who come on your ward. Speak to the Matron of your ward FORMALLY about the job and the interview.

    Show you want this job and you're going to do all you can to get it.
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    Thank you so much for sharing your insights ... much appreciated
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    Hi again gud am / evening/ afternoon ! Is there anyone who could help me with my 10 minute presentation . Again this is the question, As the Junior sister how would you support your ward manager to attract new nurses on a busy care of elderly ward and what strategies would you put in place in order to retain them ?
    Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon .
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    What are your thoughts?
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    OK, you have just joined Allnurses, you have posted only on this thread, you have not given any background or information and you have asked other people to do the work for you. Is that correct?

    What do you think? What are your insights or ideas?
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    Will you share your pay rise with us if we help you get a promotion?