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  1. Hi,I was wondering if someone could help me. I am a band 5 staff nurse going for a band 6 job. Please could someone help me as to what questions may be asked and appropitate answers. Also I need to do a presentation as follows: As part of your interview you will be required to undertake a 20 minute presentation, on the following title; What do imagine are the three key differences between Senior band 5 and Band 6, and how would you measure your success in these key areas. Thank you in advance
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Suggest looking for posts by XB9S and check her siggy there is a link that should help you
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    Thanks 4 the reply,it's just I am having problems with the presentation question, can I message her, if so do u know how thanks
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    Site requirements are 15 or more posts to be able to send a pm.
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    Hi there, 3 key difference between a 5 and a 6 will depend very much on the unit your working on so that may be helpful to know

    Think about things like clinical leadership, responsibilites for mentoring and supervising staff, financial awareness and looking at the bigger picture for a start

    Financial stuff may not seem to be that relevent at band 6 level but if you link it to reducing clinical risks such as infections pressure damage, extended length of stay and the impact that can have in todays financial contraints

    For me, I would want demonstration that the band 6 would be a presence on the ward with clear clinical leadership and a positive role model, a commitment to supporting the ward sister to improving quality and safety and recognition of how unintentional outcomes can impact on our financial position.
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    Hi, thank you for your response. I work on an elective orthopaedic ward. Although we do have trauma as well. What I am finding difficult is thinking of 3 headings or caterogries to put them in so I can expand from there.
  8. by   XB9S
    Clinical leadership
    Mentorship and supervision
    Quality and safety
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    Thanks btw where in Wales are u from as I'm from s.e but have relocated to England
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    South West originally, worked all over Wales over the years.

    Settled back west now, other side of Swansea
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    Would describing types of leadership styles and how you would use these be ok to cover that area of clinical leadership or am i looking at it from the wrong angle? Thanks .... Eg I have said that as a band 6 u would utilise a participate leadership approach with the senior band 5s to find our their opinions , views thus making them feel more valued. ? Thanks
  12. by   XB9S
    As far as presentations go it's an opportunity for you to sell yourself, talk about how you as a strong, credible clinical leader will be able to motivate and drive your staff. Yes talk about leadership styles but apply it to you as a nurse and as a band 6
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    Hi, I would like to inform you all that I got the band 6 job I would like to thank you for all your help and support on this forum thank you
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    Congratulations, that's just outstanding news

    What did you get asked