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Hello, fellow nursing students and graduates!

I am currently planning the financial rundown for my first semester of nursing school which I have to purchase textbooks that will cost a total of 600$+ if I purchase everything that is full priced and packaged together.

However, does anyone feel that the need to pay for an access code for the extra things that are supplemental? Are they even resourceful enough to have? Will you absolutely need it?

It is not required but recommended but I'm having trouble deciding!


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Honestly, I barely used any of my books and when I did it was only the major ones such as Fundamentals, MedSurg, etc. I would get the main ones and wait to see if you need any of the other non essential ones or access codes. And when you can try to buy used or rent to obviously save lots of money. Lots of times students who are graduating will sell their books to new incoming students for cheap as well.

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If it's not required, and you find out you would like to use the resource, could you get it later? That saves money up front.

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I'm in the same boat, just had our orientation for starting the program in August. For me, I've found that the additional price is worth it for the eBook versions, also any of the study guides. I want to be able to access my textbooks online anywhere, without having too haul the heavy books. Be sure to go into the bookstore and talk to the manager, ours is very knowledgable, she helped me tailor my purchases to my unique needs/wants.

Good luck, it is exciting :-)


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I'm pretty happy that I'm not the only one who has the same train of thought! Surprisingly, the whole academic experience is going to be a lot more different and obviously, I want to be prepared and mentally facilitated to my classes.

Honestly, I prefer E-Texts and PDF files more than a huge, heavy textbook that I have to lug around for 8+ hours! However, does anyone know if it would be resourceful to attempt to learn medical and nursing terminology before the semester starts?

My program starts in August and they told us in our orientation that we actually won't have textbooks at all. We're getting software only to the tune of $1300 for the first semester and then $800 for the 2nd semester. Supposedly after that, no more charges for books/programs.

Either way you decide, I feel for you. It's expensive!


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I thought mine were bad! I hope you get to keep those programs and software forever, that is a hell of a lot of money for educational resources!


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I just used Amazon and paid less than half of the packaged deal. Some of my used books even had unused access codes


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I have used Amazon from my previous experiences with my pre-requisites, however for nursing, it is just as expensive if not only slightly with the access codes. Do you have any sources or companies you have bought from?