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Nursing support


Does having the support that nurses need by management exist in the work place these days? I've found this to be a common factor on all of the jobs I've had as a nurse and would like to know if a nursing job with adequate support from management exists.

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I think it depends on what you mean by "support." At my last job I felt I did not have the support of upper management because they did not see the need for maintaining a certain number of nurses for the amount of patients, staffing was always being shifted or cut. Yet, they wanted to provide excellent patient care. Hey it takes people to provide the care!!! Sometimes management is the first to speak up for the staff when approached by executive managment for ideas on retention etc. Each facility is different in their approach and every unit manager, CEO is different also. Define your intentions of "support."


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NO or NO and/or NO

By support I mean if there is another coworker that is harassing me they (management) will do something about it, and not reprimand me the person that was harassed (because I'm the new one at a facility). I have found this to be a common problem for me, and do not understand why when I'm generally nice to everyone. I do not want to be ugly with anyone because not only is it out of my character, but it's the wrong thing to do. It doesn't help either. If anything I would think being mean would hurt me even more. I usually try to look at things from a third party's perspective but can't seem to see how someone else's explosive outburst is my fault.

Uhm, NO. Remember, the managers are there on behalf of the business. The bottom line is the important factor. Whether one plays well with others or not is not their issue. That you all are playing nice to the patients is. There's no survey that reimbursement is based on that is given to nurses about their job satisfaction. Thankfully for the managers sake, or the facilities would lose money hand over fist.

So go in, don't kill or maim anyone, smile, create illusions of care and concern, and get the patient the heck out at max reimbursement and move on.....

It would be pretty interesting if part of reimbursement to facilities was based on surveys for nurses regarding being satisfied (or "delighted" haha) with their jobs. Then we would be overstaffed, paid accordingly, have loyalty......