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Can someone recommend any nursing supply catalogs you can order online? I'm from a rural area and we don't have a lot of access to these types of places. Or if you know of any good websites I can go to I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for your help.

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You mean like uniform catalogs? Here are like 10K sites.


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Thanks I'm also looking for any sites that anyone on the board has had good luck with ordering from. Thanks for your help.

I absolutely LOVE Jasco Uniform. They are on the internet ( and you can order there or have them send you a catalog.

I've order from them for over a year and have never had a bad experience. I've returned and exchanged items with them without any problems. Staff a great to work with when placing your order.

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Check the front page of Lots of business sites, just scroll down a bit.


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This one has cheaper scrubs, which ofcourse don't last as long as the others but are great for summer because they are a little lighter than others......

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