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I just finished my first semester of nursing school (accel. program)... and I really want to try to squeeze in a job as a nurse extern/nursing assistant. Now, most of the job postings I'm finding are for CNAs, not nursing students/externs. I heard somewhere that after completing your first clinical semester of nursing you can apply to be certified as a nursing assistant, or something equivalent. Does anyone know if that is true? And if so, how would I go about that?


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it may be different in other areas... but here in so. CA all the hospitals call it something different. There are NA's (uncertified nurses assistants) technical partners, health care assistants, health care partners.. a bunch of different names for relatively the same job. Nurses assistants without being certified.. the qualifications for these jobs require that you be currently enrolled in a school of nursing. I just finished my 3rd semester of 6, and I start my job as a HCA (health care assistant) on a mother baby unit at the end of the month!! Im hoping to work at this same hospital as an extern after 5th semester.

You may need to call a nursing recruiter or HR to find out what the hospitals in your area offer to nursing students in terms of employment.

I just recently did this since there aren't any internships in my area. You should look on your state's BON website and all of the info and applications should be available to you.

All that was required of me was a copy of my transcript and documentation of the skills completed in the first semester. I live in Tennessee and the fee to take the test was $88.

Hope this helps and good luck.


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I know in Maine nursing students can work as a CNA after one year, but this changes from state to state. I'd check with your state and company for further info. Good Luck!


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Here in Nevada, we have a NAP program. You work as a "Nursing Apprentice". The pay is pretty decent and you're basically working under the license of the nurse. You do a lot of nursing duties but some places limit certain things you can do like with IVs. Its pretty good practice though and you get assigned a bunch of patients. :up:

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Dear JerseyGirl,

I do not know about the requirement for what you ask but I have a question. I teach Accelerated BSN students who are enrolled in a one year and you're done program. The school encourages these people to not work anywhere during the program due to it's intense clinical and lecture schedule. Do you feel comfortable working and studying? Is there enough time for you to do both and have a life? Seven of 45 students in our program have dropped into the 2 year program because of the work load but I'm not sure of who works or if they did. I cannot imagine going through this program and trying to work but I guess some are doing it!

good luck and congratulations! :yeah:


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I'm working this summer as a Nurse Intern for a hospital in NJ. Their requirements are that you are enrolled in nursing school and have completed the first clinical semester course (nursing fundamentals). You are automatically qualified to work as a Nurse's Aide--no CNA training. I believe most hospitals have the same requirements.

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