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I start a two year BSN program this Summer, I will have next Summer off. I am looking for a volunteer/internship preferably in the Middle East next Summer.

I don't need chef prepared meals or fancy housing, I have worked abroad and an experience in Ethiopia is what led me to go back to school for nursing. Any advice or recommendations on a program would be much appreciated! Long term goal is to be a CRNA and to work in developing countries. 

(I speak Arabic and am currently an EMT)

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Most volunteer opportunities for health in developing or underserved areas need people who are licensed and ready to hit the ground running as experienced practitioners. If you are currently an EMT that will be helpful; do not expect to get a position as a nurse, even if you have a year in nursing school.

Suggest you contact MSF (Medecin Sans Frontieres, Doctors Without Borders) or your local faith-based charitable organizations, and see where they send you.


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Not too sure about this, but short-term commitments may not be advantageous for many foreign agencies.