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Nursing student starting peds rotation

meredesam meredesam (New) New

I'll begin a 5 week peds rotation in February and am wondering if anyone has any general pointers. How is it different from medsurg (besides having younger patients?) Do you find it emotionally upsetting to work with really sick kids? Also, I have a 2-1/2 year old and am concerned I might pick up a serious bug and pass it on to him. I'm gearing up for some serious handwashing (always a good idea anyway), and will try to change out of my scrubs before I get home. Thanks!

perfectbluebuildings, BSN, RN

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Wash your hands like crazy!! I also hear a lot of nurses with kids say they take off their scrubs (or uniform) in an area away from their kids and shower completely before coming in contact with them. I don't know how well that works cause I don't have kids but that's what I've heard.

One big difference in peds is parents, they have to be educated as much as or sometimes more than the child, and often need a LOT of support and explanations. You being a parent, will probably help you a lot, understanding their perspective much more than I sometimes can.

One big thing is also the resilience of kids... they can be up and doing well just a day after looking and feeling like crap. It's wonderful to see.

Another thing is that, sometimes you are seen more as "the enemy" by your patient than might be the case in a lot of adult settings, because there is no way most of the younger patients can understand why they are being stuck or have to take those icky-tasting medicines, or suction out their nose or even put on a pulse ox probe, or whatever. That can be frustrating sometimes.

But overall, peds is awesome. I don't see myself working with another population for a long time. I hope you enjoy it!! I know there will be other peds nurses along to give you a whole lot of good advice, I've only been a nurse since this past summer and there are many more experienced nurses here!! Take care and update on how it goes.

Some great insights there, Raerae. Good stuff.

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