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Hi im planning to apply for the winter 2019 term starting in january for the bscn in nursing at Macewan university in edmonton alberta. I was reading that people are having a hard time to find jobs as RNs. I was wondering if it would be better for me to go into the psych nursing program instead because the job outlook looks better. Also how do new graduates get a job? Is there a specific area I should study harder in that will give me a better job outlook? If I cant even get a job Im not sure whats the point of even going to nursing school. :/

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There are two significant and interrelated demographic bubbles on the horizon. At the same time that the eldest of the Baby Boomers are entering their 70s and requiring more health care, 29% of Alberta's registered nurses are over the age of 51 and are planning their retirements. Nurses who entered the workforce at 22 and worked full time for the duration of their careers can retire with a full pension at 53 1/2 years of age. In recent years, with the economic downturn affecting non-nursing jobs, more nurses were forced to increase their full-time-equivalents to support their families. Some of these nurses will be looking at retirement in the foreseeable future, while others will be looking for fewer hours once the economy has recovered a bit. Nursing employment statistics reflect a cyclical pattern of feast-or-famine. It's very hard to predict the job situation with any great accuracy when you'll be emerging from your education more than 4 years from now. If being a nurse is what you want to do, then do it. If you're going into nursing solely for the "job security" and "generous pay", then you'll hate it, no matter how quickly you find a job after you graduate.

I'm seeing an increase in RNs who have "factored" collecting their pensions and working casuals 1 or 2 shifts a week.

I'm never going to factor and I'll be out the door as soon as I can afford it.

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There will always be nursing jobs ! Be open to looking for jobs in more remote or northern areas. :)

- Fellow new grad nurse working two jobs up in Northern BC.

You might find a bit of a shortage or at least more competition for jobs in larger urban centres. If you go more rural/community though there are plenty of jobs, and in other provinces too. I'm in Nova Scotia and graduating this December and there are literally hundreds of open jobs within the Provincial Health Authority, IWK Health Centre and long term care.

You may or may not get a job on the exact unit/hospital you want out of school but the only reason you wouldn't get a job at all is by choice.

If you are not fixated on staying in the same place after graduation there will always be jobs. I am seeing increase in Albertan new grads coming to BC for jobs in the last few years and it keeps rising. In BC it's pretty easy to land a job as an rn especially casual jobs. As a casual you can easily pick up full time hours

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